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Sanskrit Professor - Varanasi, India

Posted by : Professor Ramraksha Tripathi

Added On : 2013-01-03

These Divine Books have been produced by Pandit Ashram Sharma involving a lot of hard work and dedication in the blessed land of Trinidad & Tobago. He has laboured assiduously to produce these immortal publications not only for the people of Trinidad & Tobago but for devotees of Sanathan Dharma all over the world. Together with his wife Sunita they have laboured incessantly to make these publications a reality. They show the righteous pathway to be taken by anyone to access the divine. I congratulate him sincerely and offer my best wishes for his success in this venture, and it is my hope that he will continue to make such contributions in the future. Professor Ramraksha Tripathi (Dr.) Saranath, Varanasi U.P. India

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