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About Us


This website www.hindisongstt.com has been online since 2006, providing information on varying aspects of Indian Art and Art form.  We have highlighted many of India’s Great Musicians, Singers, Lyricists, Movies, Songs, Music and Memorabilia. Also highlighted are many of the Great West Indian Artiste, past and present.


Of recent times we have established an online Store, where you will find Religious Books, Hindu Devotional Books, Bhajan Books, Cd’s, Dvd’s and Lp’s of many well-known artistes, authors, compilers and many great Pandits. New items are being added to the store daily.


This website is supported by a great team of individuals, including Pt. Ashram Sharma, Aroon Maharaj and Sunita Sharma to name a few. We are a hard working team whose goal is to provide accurate information and quality material for sale to please our visitors and customers alike.


This very unique website is appreciated by many, throughout the world. View some of the comments listed in our Testimonial Section. Click on the link to see more http://www.hindisongstt.com/testimonials.php