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Geetam Madhuram - Pt. Munelal Maharaj


Year Of Release : 2015

Album No: 12

Artiste Name : Pundit Munelal Maharaj & Others

No of tracks : 13

Item : CD

Price: $17.99 $15.99


Stock : In Stock

Geetam Madhuram - Pt. Munelal Maharaj

$15.99 $17.99

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Product Information

Geetam Madhuram - Devotional Songs by Pt. Munelal Maharaj, Naveeta Maharaj with Invocation by Saakshi and Ganesha Namah Om by Vaishnavi. This Cd comprises of 13 Tracks. CD comes in an attractive sealed cardboard CD sleeve.


Track Listing:-

1) Invocation - Saakshi

2) Ganesha Namah Om - Vaishnavi

3) Hey Meethe Ras Se bharo - Pt. Munelal

4) Tujhko Pukaare Teraa Laal - Pt. Munelel

5) Mai Raadhaa Tu Shyaam - Naveeta

6) Dhol Nagaara Baaje - Pt. Munelal

7) Baat Nihaare Ghanashyam - Pt. Munelal

8) Hey Anaatha Naatha Saic- Pt. Munelal

9) Aayo Aayo Re Kanhaayee - Pt. Munelal

10) Ek Din Aisaa Aayegaa - Pt. Munelal

11) Mere Baanke Bihaari Laal - Naveeta

12) Jai Shiva Shankar Omkaara - Pt. Munelal & Naveeta

13) Raam Lalla Ke Dhaam - Pt. Munelal


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