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Bhakti Bhajan Mala Vol. 2 (Hindi)


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Compiler : Pt. Ashram Sharma

Publisher : Sunita Publications

Subject : Religious (Bhajans)

Language : Hindi

Pages : 148 (total)

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Bhakti Bhajan Mala Vol. 2 (Hindi)

$9.99 $10.99

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Product Information

Bhakti Bhajan Mala Vol.2 (Hindi – Devanagri Script)

This book has a total of 136 treasured selections, which are film and non film bhajans and kirtans. A great number of the songs in this book are from Hindi films and were sung by many legendary playback singers from the Indian film industry. These beautiful selections were composed by numerous saints, sages and lyricists. The music for these divine selections was created by famous inspired musicians from the Indian film industry. These treasures were taken from our library of music; many tracks are still in 78 RPM Records. It is hoped that this humble presentation will meet your expectation.

In this Second Volume of Bhakti Bhajan Mala, I humbly present to you some other meaningful selections from my collection. Following your warm reception of Volume One, I have been encouraged to compile Volume Two. I tried tirelessly to maintain the original version of each Bhajan taken from the original tracks. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this work to your heart’s content as this is specially dedicated to you.

I tried to salute and give credit to the many Saints, Sages, Lyricists, Musicians and Singers who enriched and continue to provide spiritual and moral sustenance and expose us to the unfathomable treasury of culture and divinity which belongs to humanity at large.

In Kali Yuga by simply chanting the name of God (Namasankirtan) with love and devotion one can cross the ocean of Sansara (mundane existence). Many of our Sacred Texts, Saints and Sages remind us of the importance of Namasankirtan. Let melody and harmony emanate from our hearts and let us take delight in the love that we express through singing aloud the glory of God.

Pandit Ashram Sharma

It is with great joy that I welcome and commend this inspiring collection of traditional bhajana and kirtana by Pandit Ashram Sharma. A bhajana is a song of love to God. Many of these compositions date back to the medieval period of Indian history that witnessed a great flowering of the devotional (bhakti) movement. In this collection one will find timeless compositions by saintly poets like Kabir, Surdas, Tulsidas and Mirabai. These songs are heard daily in Hindu homes and temples throughout the world. Most of the themes of these songs center around the avataras, Shri Rama and Shri Krishna. They describe the attributes of God and God’s compassionate activities. Many of these relate to God as the irresistible and attractive beloved and express an intense yearning for God’s vision (darsana). A kirtana, on the other hand, is a recitation of the various names of God, and several such names are combined and sung repeatedly.

The aim of all Hindu worship is to make living itself an act of worship. Hindu worship finds its culmination when we discover the beauty of offering every one of our actions to God and living itself becomes synonymous with the joy of worship. This supreme ideal of making life itself worship is the central theme of Shri Krishna in the Bhagavadgita (9:27):

Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer in sacrifice or give away in alms, whatever penance you perform, offer it to Me.

Pandit Sharma’s collection of devotional songs is an expression of his own life-long bhakti. In addition, these songs are an excellent means (sadhana) for enabling us to grow towards the ideal of unceasing devotion (anapayani bhakti). While it is not possible to always be in a temple precinct or to perform traditional rituals of worship, these songs can be on our lips, heart and mind, helping us to center our daily lives in God. With the help of these songs, every act can become an offering to God.

On behalf of everyone whose religious lives will be deepened and enriched by this labor of love, I offer gratitude (dhanyavaad) to Pandit Ashram Sharma.

Anantanand Rambachan
Professor and Chair
Department of Religion
St. Olaf College, Minnesota, USA



शॠरीमती रामदॠलारी शरॠमा
(मेरी पूजॠय माता जी)
वूडलानॠड गांव के निवासी थे


पंडित सॠरूजनारायण महाराज
(मेरे पूजॠय नाना जी)

भारत देश, जिला बसॠती से तॠरिनिडाड, वेसॠट इनॠडीज़
पिनाल नगर के निवासी थे

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(1) अंखियां शॠयाम मिलन की पॠयासी

Movie: Meera Shyam

Singer: Asha Bhosle  Year: 1976

Lyric: Pt. Narendra Sharma Music: Govind-Naresh

अंखियां शॠयाम मिलन की पॠयासी

शॠयाम मिलन की पॠयासी

अंखियां शॠयाम मिलन की पॠयासी

(2) अरज सॠनो करतार

Non Film

Singer: Manna Dey 

Lyric: Laxman Music: Shyam Sharma

हे राम, अरज सुनो, अरज सॠनो करतार  
अरज सॠनो करतार

मॠठ केवट की बात न तारो

(3) आये भी अकेला

Movie: Dost

Singer: Talat Mahmood  Year: 1954

Lyric: Varma Malik Music: Hansraj Bhel

आये भी अकेला, जाये भी अकेला
दो दिन की जि़नॠदगी है, दो दिन का मेला
दो दिन का मेला
आये भी अकेला.....

(14) ओ माटि के पॠतले

Movie: Sheroo

Singer: Mohd. Rafi  Year: 1957

Lyric: Kaif Irfani Music: Madan Mohan

ओ माटि के पॠतले, इतना न कर तू गॠमान
पल भर का तू मेहमान, माटि के पॠतले

तूने पॠरभॠ को, धन में दूंदा
कभी न अपने, मन में दूंदा

(16) कानॠहा कनॠहैया नंदलाला

Non Film

Singer: Anup Jalota

कानॠहा कनॠहैया नंदलाला, ओ मॠरली वाला
ठसी बजाठ मॠरली, मॠरलिया जादू भरी

(18) कोई कहे राम कोई शॠयाम घनशॠयाम

जिसकी समठ में जैसा भी, कॠछ आया पॠकारे
भगवान तॠठको हर मिटटी की, काया पॠकारे

कोई कहे राम कोई शॠयाम घनशॠयाम

जो राध वाले शॠयाम हैं वो सीता वाले राम

Pandit ASHRAM SHARMA was born in 1963, in South Trinidad in the West Indies. He is the grandson of the late Pandit Rambaran Tiwari, who migrated from Basti, U.P. India to Trinidad in 1906, whose son the late Pandit Harripersad Sharma was the father of Pandit Ashram Sharma, who comes from a family very steeped in dharma and anchored in spirituality-exponents of Sanatan Vedic Dharma.

Music, art, poetry and divinity run through the entire family in an unending stream irrigating and watering the lives of many devotees.

Panditji is a student of the late illustrious Pandit Jadoonanan Misra and the formidable Pandit Mahase Maharaj who infused in him the immortal treasures of divine knowledge and music.

In his quest for excellence Panditji travelled far and wide to India, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, South America, Guyana and elsewhere and interfaced with many masters like Manna Dey, Mahendra Kapoor, Mehdi Hassan, Hari Om Sharan, Suresh Wadkar, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma and others who had a tremendous impact on his life.

To this end Panditji is the virtual repository of music, art and culture perpetually flowing in his veins and which continue to sustain his breath of life.

Panditji has a voluminous treasury of bhajans, kirtans, geets, ghazals, qawalis, film and non film songs which are ornaments of his very life.

Pt. Seusankar Seunarine
Barrister at Law
Gray’s Inn London
Attorney at Law Trinidad & Tobago