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Bhakti Bhajan Mala Vol. 3 (Hindi)

(Paper Back)

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Compiler : Pandit Ashram Sharma

Publisher : Sunita Publications

Subject : Hindu Bhajans

Language : Hindi

Pages : 144

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Bhakti Bhajan Mala Vol. 3 (Hindi)

$21.99 $24.99

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Bhakti Bhajan Mala Vol. 3 is the 3rd in the series which was only just released in March 2013. This latest edition has a total of 137 Bhajans including the Hanuman Chalisa and Aartis. This Volume is sewn and perfect bound with a beautiful laminated cover.


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For inquiries on Bhakti Bhajan Mala Vol. 3 by Pt. Ashram Sharma in Trinidad and Tobago only please call (868-342-9951).

My humble Prostration to God for making it possible for me to present yet another Volume of Bhakti Bhajan Mala to devotees around the world. This compilation contains a great selection of bhajans as composed by some of the most renowned lyricists and saints. Every effort was made to maintain the original lyrics of these songs.

With utmost humility, I pay tribute to the late Jagjit Singh, Hari Om Sharan, Mohd. Rafi, Mukesh, Hemant Kumar and Mahendra Kapoor all of whom made invaluable contributions to Dharma across the globe with their magical voices. Also highlighted in this Volume are some of our living legends including Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey, Anup Jalota, Asha Bhosle, Vani Jairam and many more. These legendary artistes brought to life with their captivating voices the divine compositions of these inspired Saints, Lyricists and Music Composers.

Naam Sankirtan is a very ancient tradition. Sing whole heartedly the name of the Lord with love and devotion and experience inner peace and divine bliss.

Sant Tulsidaas says:-
“Kalijuga Sama Juga Aana Nahi, Jau Nara Kara Biswaas,
 Gaayi Ram Guna Gana Bimala, Bhava Tara Binahi Prayaas”

This age of Kali is in no comparison to any other age, as one can very easily cross this worldly ocean simply by singing the praises of Sri Ram Chandra.

“Kaliyuga Kewal Naam Adhara, Sumar Sumar Nar Utarahi Para”

The only means to cross the ocean of this world in Kaliyuga is by chanting and meditating on the name of the Lord.
Pandit Ashram Sharma


I take this opportunity to congratulate Pandit Ashram Sharma for bringing out the third volume of Bhakti Bhajan Mala, a wonderful collection of Bhajans penned by great Saints and poets as well as modern-day lyricists such as Sant Kabir, Sant Tulsidas, Soordas, Guru Nanak, Meerabai, Shailendra, Hari Om Sharan, S.K. Deepak, Rajinder Krishan, Pradeep, Madhukar Rajasthani, Rajesh Johri, Anand Bakshi amongst others. With Volume 3 releasing now, I am sure the previous volumes must have been major successes. That certainly reflects the devotion of Pandit Ashram, his ‘bhakti bhaav’ and communicating the same in the common man’s language.

Since time immemorial, Saints have been praising the Divine, both in His ‘Niraakaar’ as well as ‘Saakaar’ form. Whatever form we worship Him, ultimately our aim is to achieve Supreme Bliss. This can be achieved by keeping the company of Saints. The teachings of the mystics help us live in this world with utmost detachment. Just as the lotus flower which is embedded in filth stands tall and beautiful above the level of water, we humans should aspire to perform our ‘nishkaam karma’ without carrying any stains of mundane attachment.

The path of Saints is the simplest and thus called ‘Sahaja yoga’. The only way to be in communion with God is remembering Him. But one has to be careful not to reduce any form of worship, be it ‘Idol worship’ (Sagun Bhakti) or ‘Naam Simaran’ (Nirgun Bhakti), to a mere ritual. For this, the essential ingredient is Faith. Our efforts with absolute faith in Him make us eligible for His Grace which is available in abundance. We just haveto be receptive by being the agents of peace and true love, expecting nothing in return. Such detachment and purity alone can help the soul (Atman) merge back in the Supreme Being (Param Atman).


I believe Bhakti Bhajan Mala Volume 3 will help devotees to progress faster in their inner journey. May God bless Pandit Ashram Sharma for being the medium of spreading spirituality in the strife torn society of today.

Malay Mishra
High Commissioner of India
In Trinidad and Tobago



The Late




Former Dharmacharya of  Trinidad & Tobago

From Debe, Trinidad, W.I.

Guru of  many residents Around the World.






From Penal Rock Road, Trinidad, W.I.

Guru of the late Pandit Harripersad Sharma

Dedicated to propagating Sanatan Dharma.

This Divine Book Contains

119 Meaningful Bhajans, The Hanuman Chalisa & 17 Aartis


These Divine Books have been produced by Pandit Ashram Sharma involving a lot of hard work and dedication in the blessed land of Trinidad & Tobago. He has laboured assiduously to produce these immortal publications not only for the people of Trinidad & Tobago but for devotees of Sanathan Dharma all over the world. Together with his wife Sunita they have laboured incessantly to make these publications a reality. They show the righteous pathway to be taken by anyone to access the divine . I congratulate him sincerely and offer my best wishes for his success in this venture, and it is my hope that he will continue to make such contributions in the future.

Professor Ramraksha Tripathi (Dr.)
Saranath, Varanasi
U.P. India

It is an exhilarating and joyful experience for me to have carefully perused the numerous bhajans compiled by my student Pandit Ashram Sharma.
It is with a beaming sense of pride and conviction that I understand Pandit Ashram’s painstaking effort and meticulous interest he has taken to ensure the authenticity of the words in the production of this gem for posterity.

Deoraj Seunarine
A.C.P   M.O.M

This compilation of bhajans is a truly remarkable achievement with respect to the selections, the organization and the accuracy of the phoenetics. This sterling contribution to Hindu culture by Pandit Ashram Sharma will inevitably be remembered as a collectors item to be treasured for generations to come, I strongly recommend both volumes to every one.

Karamchand Maharaj
(Toronto, Canada)

This collection of popular, traditional bhajans is appropriately selected for all occasions. It is my humble view that the approach and insightfulness of the compiler makes this book a prized possession for all. There are a multitude of published collections of Bhajans, many of which are excellent in their own right, however when it comes to selecting a bhajan  book, “Bhakti  Bhajan Mala” is always my favourite. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to introduce and recommend this book to all.

Yours in Dharma
Pundit Artma Maharaj

I have the great pleasure of owning and using Panditji’s books. We here in Houston Texas have made both volumes part of its Mandirs activities. The bhajans are well ordered and wording accurately done. Thanks for your wonderful work and may God bless you.  

Dexter Raghunanan.

“Ishwar Satya Hai, Satya Hi Shiv Hai, Shiv Hi Sundar Hai...”
 I am fortunate to have the opportunity to provide both my thanks and my congratulations to Pandit Ashramji on using his skills, talent and dedication to establish this wonderful, ‘Sundar’ website and, more specifically, his books with phenomenal collection of bhajans and ‘Aartis’. As someone who has worked in the entertainment and broadcasting fields in India, Canada and the USA for over thirty-five years, I can truly appreciate the value of having a comprehensive reference for both an extensive bhajan collection, as well as more generally for Indian music and cinema. Pandit Ashramji has truly done a great service to the larger Indian community around the world by providing an accurate and accessible compilation to anyone seeking it.  Again, my sincere thanks and congratulations to Panditji.

Jaya Kitchlu
Toronto, Canada

Pt. Ashram Sharma had presented two books ‘Bhakti Bhajan Mala’ part 1 and part 2 to me few months ago. I am happy to see this kind of work in Hindi in Trinidad and Tobago, where it is practically difficult to write, edit and shape a book in Hindi. I can imagine how hard labour Pandit ji would have put in bringing out these books. Both of these books will inspire the devotees to learn Hindi, sing the Bhajans and get peace of mind.
I find that the ‘Bhakti Bhajan Mala part 2’ is an improved and progressive edition of the ‘Bhakti Bhajan Mala part 1’ .  Like Part 2, I hope that the incoming Part 3 of the Bhajan Mala will further be the improved and progressive version of Part 2. I appreciate the efforts of Pt. Ashram Sharma and pray to God to bless him with good health and peace.

Jagdish Prasad Arya
Director, MGICC (Trinidad & Tobago)
(Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Cultural Corporation)

I was very fortunate to come across Bhakti Bhajan Mala Vol.1 (English) and Vol. 2 (Hindi) at a Puja Store in Curepe. I was able to find Bhajans which I have been looking for a long time now. I found one which I used to hear from Pandit Deo Prasad and Pandit Parasram in the late 1940’s at the Mc Bean Kutia and I have been looking for this for years. I found several others by which I am greatly inspired. The Bhajans are listed in Alphabetical order so they are easy to find. The best part is the Bhajans are carefully researched and properly spelt and the correct words used. I do not sing a Bhajan unless I am sure of the correct words.
I see hundreds of Bhajan Books but there are several mistakes. You can say or pronounce the Hindi word and get a different (bad) meaning. I therefore congratulate you and send my blessings for this great work. God will be with you always. I say my Pranaam and Dhanyavaad to Pandit Ashram Sharma.

Seunarine Jokhoo
Trinidad & Tobago

I have looked at and read carefully the Bhajans in Bhakti Bhajan Mala. This work is marvelous and complete. I congratulate Pandit Ashram for his hard work. Such a book should be in all homes.

Pandit Ramsundar Parasram
Mc Bean Couva, Trinidad W.I.

It is to be noted that we remain indebted to Pandit Ashram for his consuming effort in his compilation and research that requires commitment and dedication to bring fruition and I can only acknowledge same and endorse the fact that to work hard and well at things worth doing is to know life’s greatest satisfaction. May the good Lord continue to give you the motivation to continue this noble venture.

Chaythnath Maharaj
Trinidad & Tobago

(2) अजहूं न निकसे प्राण

Non Film

Singer: Surendra Kholi

Lyrics:Sant Dadudayal  Music: Surendra Kholi

अजहूं न निकसे प्राण कठोर, अजहूं न निकसे प्राण कठोर

दरसन बिना बहुत दिन बीते, सुन्दर प्रीतम मोर


(3) आई गवनवाँ की सारी

Non Film

Singer: Mohd. Rafi  

Lyrics: Sant Kabir   Music: Shyam Sharma

अब आई गवनवाँ की सारी उमरि मोरी बारी
आई गवनवाँ की सारी उमरि मोरी बारी


(8) ऐसो को उदार जग माहीं

Non Film

Singer: Purshottam Das Jalota

Lyrics:Sant Tulsidaas  Music: BeniSatamkar

ऐसो को उदार जग माहीं, ऐसो को उदार जग माहीं
बिनु सेवा जो द्रवै दीन पर, बिनु सेवा जो द्रवै दीन पर


(14) कुटुंब तजि सरन राम

Non Film

Singer: Udit Narayan

Lyrics: Sant Tulsidaas  Music: Shekhar Kalyan

कुटुंब तजि सरन राम तेरी आयो
तजि गढ़ लंक, महल औ मंदिर


(18) गली तो चारों बंद हुई

Non Film

Singer: Anup Jalota

Lyrics: Meerabai  Music: Anup Jalota

गली तो चारों बंद हुई, मैं हरिसे मिलूँ कैसे जाय
ऊँची-नीची राह लपटीली, ऊँची-नीची राह लपटीली

Pandit ASHRAM SHARMA was born in 1963, in South Trinidad in the West Indies. He is the grandson of the late Pandit Rambaran Tiwari, who migrated from Basti, U.P. India to Trinidad in 1906, whose son the late Pandit Harripersad Sharma was the father of Pandit Ashram Sharma, who comes from a family very steeped in dharma and anchored in spirituality-exponents of Sanatan Vedic Dharma.

Music, art, poetry and divinity run through the entire family in an unending stream irrigating and watering the lives of many devotees.

Panditji is a student of the late illustrious Pandit Jadoonanan Misra and the formidable Pandit Mahase Maharaj who infused in him the immortal treasures of divine knowledge and music.

In his quest for excellence Panditji travelled far and wide to India, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, South America, Guyana and elsewhere and interfaced with many masters like Manna Dey, Mahendra Kapoor, Mehdi Hassan, Hari Om Sharan, Suresh Wadkar, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma and others who had a tremendous impact on his life.

To this end Panditji is the virtual repository of music, art and culture perpetually flowing in his veins and which continue to sustain his breath of life.

Panditji has a voluminous treasury of bhajans, kirtans, geets, ghazals, qawalis, film and non film songs which are ornaments of his very life.

Pt. Seusankar Seunarine
Barrister at Law
Gray’s Inn London
Attorney at Law Trinidad & Tobago