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My First Book Of Krishna Stories

(Hard Board)

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Compiler : Sandra Gajraj - Maharaj

Publisher : Sapnaa Productions

Subject : Stories On Lord Krishna

Language : English

Pages : 22

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Format : Hard Copy

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Size : 8.00 x 9.00 ins

My First Book Of Krishna Stories

$22.99 $25.99

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Introduction – My First Book of Krishna Stories (Board book)


My First Book of Krishna Stories is the first of a series entitled “The Saanjali Collection”, created for young children and their adult co-readers: parents, teachers, care-givers, siblings, relatives and friends.

Even before my daughter, Saanjali, was born, I read to her. After she was born, we spent many enjoyable hours reading together and exploring the world that each book opened up to us.

Then, unable to find just the right book to introduce her to the world of Hindu mythology, I was inspired to create the book myself. I tried each line on Saanjali, and her response became the yardstick by which I measured the suitability of the language. The book became a labour of love that would put my daughter in touch with her cultural heritage. I can only hope that when they read My First Book of Krishna Stories, parents and children everywhere will experience the same pleasure and closeness that we did as we prepared the book.

Read it aloud. Feel the rhythm, catch the rhyme, hear the melody in the blend of English and Hindi words. See the vivid illustrations that recreate the childhood days of Lord Krishna in warm, vibrant colour.

Let reading this book be a shared, fun experience!

Sandra Gajraj - Maharaj

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Dedicated to children everywhere, to my elder daughter Saanjali who was my inspiration when the book was written, and to my younger daughter, Anushri to whom I hope My First Book of Krishna Stories will be an inspiration.

Though this book is entitled My First Book of Krishna Stories, it contains no individual stories in the traditional sense and therefore it contains no Table of Contents listing “stories”. Each page contains a simple rhyming couplet – a tiny bud - that, together with the child-like illustration, recreates an entire event in the life of young Krishna, and it is left to the adult to unfold the bud, expand the couplet, add details to the story depending on the curiosity and cognitive level of the child. Some children will unconsciously learn the lines because rhyme automatically facilitates this, some children will ask questions and seek more knowledge, their curiosity ignited not only by the mere succinctness of the words but also by the vividness of each illustration which speaks volumes to the inquiring mind of the young child. Using this alternative approach to interactive reading, the bud unfolds, the story expands and the child’s knowledge blossoms. The word guide at the back makes this book very user-friendly and facilitates understanding - even by the reader not previously acquainted with the story of Lord Krishna.

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Many years ago, God came to Earth to fight against evil.

It was time for Him to save His people.


Playful little Krishna reached the pots above.

Time for the butter and curds the maakhan chor so loved!


Little children, sing your bhajans! Pray every day!

Love the Lord! Bow to God! Say “Jai Krishna Haray!”

Sandra Gajraj-Maharaj is a former teacher, and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons.), a Masters Degree and a Diploma in Education. In addition to writing the series of children’s books entitled The Saanjali Collection, she has written A Study Guide to the "Jumbie Bird" (Longman Caribbean Writers) [Paperback] - a reference book for secondary/high school and first-year university students of West Indian Literature. She is involved in cultural activities and believes that adults have a responsibility to lay a positive foundation for young people by empowering them and equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to realize their dreams, fulfill their potential and attain self-actualization.