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Shama Ramdular

Shama Ramdular is an accomplished musician who was once the founding member of the Triveni Orchestra in Trinidad. With his humble beginnings in Trinidad, Sharma quickly rose as a shining talent as a singer, songwriter and an excellent keyboard player. He was popularly dubbed as the 'local Amitabh Bacchan', a fitting tribute for his stage-style performance, singing and looks. Shama and his family have made Canada their current home but music has not kept him far from his motherland. His talents as a keyboard player has given him opportunity to play for very well known artistes of both East and West Indian backgrounds including Anup Jalota and Anuradha Paudwal. His range of music encompasses bhajans, inspirational, traditional, non-traditional, Hindi film songs and customized karaoke. He has provided and or arranged music for audio CD's as original score, playback and accompaniment. In his latest work Shama provided music to a Hindi/Punjabi song "Ladkiyan to Hain Mazaa" for a Canadian film "Dollars & Scents" made by Meow Films in Toronto. He has also Arranged Music and played for several CD's over the last few years. (Copyright Hindisongstt 2023)


Sharma Ramdular - Photo 1

Sharma Ramdular - On The Keyboard

Sharma Ramdular - Photo 2

Sharma Ramdular, Rakesh Yankaran & Narindra Ramdular

Sharma Ramdular - Photo 3

Sharma, Ruby Khan Guptar, Rakesh Yankaran, Nazimool Khan & Narindra Ramdular

Sharma Ramdular - Photo 4

Sharma Ramdular & Ramesh Maharaj

Sharma Ramdular - Vocal 1 (Left)


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