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Sham Rampersad

Sham Rampersad hails from Trinidad where he started playing music at the tender age of seven. He has since mastered the art of playing twenty-seven different types of instruments, including Steel Pan. He is undoubtedly one of the most gifted musicians to come out of the Caribbean. Between the age of twelve and seventeen, Sham toured several countries throughout the world, representing Trinidad & Tobago and playing with the most renowned artistes from India. He competed against the most powerful orchestras in Trinidad and was awarded the Prime Minister's trophy, for the National Champions Orchestra. He still holds the title as the unbeaten champion for musical instruments. Sham has a special aptitude; he has several recordings to his credit and has played music for various artistes. He played music for C.H. Atma and performed for the late Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. He also accompanied Hari Om Sharan, among others. Sham is a product of Sitara Hind Orchestra in Trinidad. On the 18th of September, 2005, Sham received an award from 103 FM, (Hall Of Fame) in the field of best Instrumentalist, in recognition of the outstanding and pioneering contribution in defining a permanent place for Indian culture in Trinidad and Tobago. (Copyright Hindisongstt 2023)


Lal Rampersad - Leader Of Sitara Hind Orchestra

(Bk)Teya,Leon,Sham Rampersad, L.Popo,(Sit.)Lal Ramp.,Faiz & Soogrim & Ali (Dnc.)Puniya & Dolcie

Sham Rampersad-Prime Minister's Trophy

Beverly Rampersad, Anup Jalota & Sham Rampersad

Beverly Rampersad & Sham Rampersad

Sham Rampersad & Saboo Rambharat

Enoch Daniels & Sham Rampersad

Sham Rampersad - On The Mandolin

Sham Rampersad - On The Accordian

Sham Rampersad - Photo 1

Sham Rampersad - On The Electric Organ

Saboo Rambharat & Sham Rampersad


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