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Seeta Pooran Panday

SEETA POORAN PANDAY, is one of the best female singers of the Caribbean / East and West Indian show business industry. She is known for the voice of Lata Mangeskar and also been called the nightingale of Guyana, she has displayed her talent at the young age of 9. Her gifted voice has won her many awards and recognitions within her community and she is always called on to lend her talent to many religious organizations. She has performed in hundreds of shows in North and South America, as well as England and Holland. Seeta has recorded many sold out CD's and has one of the most recognizable faces and voice in the West Indian Music Industry. She has a long history of loving her Indian heritage and would not trade her music for anything else. Her hit song "O MERE SONA" by JTS production, "Jhoomay Jhoomay" Anoop Dhanpat production and Diwali Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Mohabir Records. Over the years she has been offered several recordings which she's very selective about. She did her own production Prem Geet accompanied by her brother Lakhram Pooran. Just to name a few of her albums, Satyam Shivam, Mere Sanam, El Dorado, New York Mix, Deepak Anand. Her latest album Shabdanjali Vol.1 Meera aur Pooja dedicated to her two beautiful daughters Meera and Kajal (Pooja). As a child, she heard the story of Meerabhai and secretly kept that name for her first daughter, she is a force to be reckoned with and one to keep an eye on. She has beauty, grace and charm but most of all she was blessed with one of the most amazing voice of our generation. (Copyright Hindisongstt 2023).


Seeta Pooran Panday - Photo 1

Karamchand Maharaj & Seeta Pooran Panday

Seeta Pooran Panday - Photo 2

Seeta Pooran Panday - Photo 3

Ramesh Kallicharan, Seeta Pooran Panday & Devindra Pooran

Seeta Pooran Panday - Photo 4

Seeta Pooran Panday - Photo 5

Ramesh Kallicharan, Seeta Panday, Joyce Urmila, Lalchand Singh, Rohit Jagessar & Anup Dhanpat

Seeta Pooran Panday - Photo 6

Devindra Pooran & Seeta Pooran Panday - Live In Concert

Seeta Pooran Panday - Photo 7

Seeta Pooran Panday, Rohit Jagessar & Devindra Pooran


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