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Ramnarine Moonilal (Tole)

Ramnarine "Tole" Moonilal respected as one of the most famous musicians in Trinidad was born on May 30, 1946 to Moonilal Gookool and Mamine Moonilal. From an early age people started recognizing the extraordinary interest and abilities he exhibited with all instruments. Ramnarine later went on to be one of the founders of Dil E Nadan together with Ustad Yusuff Khan. In 1970 he led Dil E Nadan to winning the Prime Minister's Trophy for Best Orchestral Band. That Competition was judged by the Late Great Mohd. Rafi of India. In 1971 Ramnarine got married to Bella Ramnarine and had three sons Rennie, Raymond and Richard Ramnarine. He has accomplished a lot in his career; he graced the stage along with Hari Om Sharan, Kumar Sanu and many more distinguished artistes. However, his greatest accomplishment to this date for him are his three sons. This master musician also composed and performed the test piece "Dostana" for the Saaj Samelan Competition for which other bands had to learn and compete for the prize. Ramnarine has toured Europe, North America and the Caribbean together with his band Dil E Nadan. Today Ramnarine is retired and enjoys travelling with the band and grooming his 6 Grandkids for "Generation 3" of Dil E Nadan. The Band is currently managed by Richard Ramnarine and remains the No. 1 band. We have made available to our visitors 5 very rare Audio Samples of this living legend. Back up music was done by none other than his two sons the ever-popular, Rennie Ramnarine and Raymond Ramnarine. January 29th, 2023 was a very sad day as we bid farewell to this shining star, a true legend in Trinidad's Music Industry. His legacy will live on through his children Rennie, Raymond and Richard and his grandchildren. Condolences to his family, friends and fans on this great loss. (Copyright Hindisongstt 2023)


Ramnarine Moonilal (Tole) - Photo 1

Dhanraj Singh, Ralph Rampersad, Bisram Moonilal, Paul Sookhai, Ramnarine Moonilal & Farouk Baksh (Si

Ramnarine Moonilal (Tole) & Jonah Rajkumar

Acme Dil - E - Nadan - Orchestra - East Meets West - Lp

Ramnarine Moonilal, Bisram Moonilal, Fado, Haseeb Majid, Krishen Ramsook & Ashraf Hosein (Sitting)

Acme Dil - E - Nadan - Orchestra - New Dawn - Lp

Ramnarine Moonilal (Tabla), Bisram Moonilal (Guitar), Chandradath Singh (Harmonium) & Mungal Patasar

Ramnarine Moonilal (Tole) - Photo 2

Ramnarine Moonilal (Tole) - On The Dholak

(Back Row) Richard Ramnarine, Lutchmin Ramnarine & Ramnarine Moonilal (Front Row) Raymond Ramnarine

Ramnarine Moonilal (Tole) - Photo 3

Renny Ramnarine, Raymond & Ramnarine Moonilal (Tole)

Pandit Ashram Sharma & Ramnarine Moonilal

Acme Dil-E-Nadan Orchestra

Ramnarine Moonilal (Tole) - Photo 4

Ramnarine Moonilal (Tole) - Photo 5

Ramnarine Moonilal (Tole) & Lutchmin Moonilal

Ramnarine Moonilal (Tole) - Photo 6

Ramnarine Moonilal (Tole) - Photo 7

(L to R) - Ramnarine Moonilal (Tole), Fado, Boya Shafiat Mohammed & Bobby Armoogam

Ramnarine Moonilal (Tole) - On The Keyboard


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Ramnarine Moonilal Tole - Aaja Re Pardesi

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Ramnarine (Tole) Moonilal - Aaja Aayi Bahar


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