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Neil Persad

Neil Persad is one of the true proponents of Hindu Dharma and culture in North America for the past 25 years. He comes from a family of devoted and religious hindus. Having started playing the harmonium and singing at the early age of 5, he has matured today into a great singer, fabulous musician and leader of the Florida Melody Makers Band as well as a very humble and amicable individual. His track record speaks for itself with three albums already to his credit including a beautiful compilation of Mukesh Bhajans. Although a highly qualified IT Security Professional in the US, Neil's passion has always been his music and singing, especially the religious perspective. Neil and his group continue to perform at most temples and religious functions across North America and the Caribbean, entertaining audiences of all capacities. (Copyright Hindisongstt 2023).


Neil Persad - Photo 1

Neil Persad, Hari Om Sharan & Nandini Sharan

Neil Persad - Photo 2

Neil Persad - Photo 3

Neil Persad - Photo 4

Neil Persad - Photo 5

Neil Persad (On The Harmonium)

Neil Persad - Photo - 6

Neil Persad On Stage

Neil Persad On The Keyboard

Neil Persad - Photo - 7

Neil Persad - Photo - 8

Esther John (Vocal) & Neil Persad (Harmonium)

Neil Persad, Parry Gosyne & Polly Sookraj

Esther John (Vocal) & Neil Persad (Harmonium)

Neil Persad - Treasured Mukesh Bhajans

Neil Persad - On The Guitar

Neil Persad - Mann Ki Vaani


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