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Nazimool Khan

The much loved Nazimool Khan a son of Trinidad and Tobago, made his debut in public singing in 1976 when he entered the Popular Mastana Bahar Competition. In fact for 3 consecutive years he entered Mastana Bahar, reaching the Grand Finals in 1979. His sister Ruby Khan Guptar joined him on his first International tour to Canada with the Acme Dil-E-Nadan Orchestra. Their next trip was to Suriname with the band, impressing their audiences wherever they performed with their unique style and gifted voice. He once again entered Mastana Bahar where he again reached the Grand Finals placing fifth with his riveting rendition of "Ajab Alam Adiraat" by Mehdi Hassan. The NCIC sponsored a competition, in1986 which was in tribute to Mohd. Rafi and Mukesh at the Palm's Club in San Fernando, Nazimool was a contestant in this competition where his very moving performance guaranteed him the first prize. Both 1989 and 1990 (two years running), he won the Nafeita Award for Best male Vocalist of Indian Song. In 1990 he once again entered Mastana Bahar and reached the Grand Finals, placing fourth with a Mohd. Rafi selection "Saaz Ho Tum Awaaz." He also went on tour to Canada with the BWIA National Indian Orchestra. Widely travelled and a prolific recording artist Nazimool has done a lot of freelance concerts in New York, Miami and Canada. He has several recordings to his credit including Sentimental Journey (1 & 2), Gold (1 & 2) and Devotional Melodies. Nazimool Khan has had a glorious career. His incredibly melodious and unforgettable performances lingers in our hearts and minds evermore. (Copyright Nisha Sharma 2023).


Nazimool Khan - Photo 1

Acme Dil-E-Nadan Orchestra

Nazimool Khan - Photo 2

Nazimool Khan - Photo 3

Satrohan Maharaj, Rakesh Yankaran & Nazimool Khan

Nazimool Khan - Photo 4

Nazimool Khan - Photo 5

Nazimool Khan & Ruby Khan Guptar

Nazimool Khan & Ruby Khan Guptar


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