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King Ratiram

The Infamous Rambachan Ratiram a.k.a. King Ratiram, was born in Grants Trace Rousillac to Lutchmin and Ramroop Ratiram. His father was a popular Indian Singer in Trinidad, who sang countless bhajans and he loved to play the Khanjiri. His father had a gramophone and many 78 RPM records which he played daily. The very young King Ratiram became interested in listening to songs of K.L. Saigal, K.C. Dey and Mohd. Rafi. He gradually started to learn these songs by listening to them repeatedly. Eventually he learnt Hindi which complimented his singing. He first started singing in the village and surrounding areas where he soon became a household name. He was singing with the Dadbal Narayan Sangeet Saaj Orchestra when Carl Gookool heard the young and talented King Ratiram and asked him to join the S.M. Aziz Orchestra, all this at the very young age of 15. At about this time he also recorded with Radio Trinidad, his innovative style and captivating voice fascinated the listening public. He sang with Naya Tarana for a few years during which time he had a number of successful performances in Guyana, Suriname and French Guyana. Afterwards he became a member of the ever popular Naya Zamana Orchestra for about 15 years. The greatest moment in his singing career was when he performed for Her Majesty The Queen of England and The Prince of Wales at the very First Trinidad and Tobago Independence Day Celebrations in 1962. At present it is a special treat to hear him sing at temples, weddings and special occasions.

We are deeply saddened with the passing of this great soul, King Ratiram on Thursday June 13th, 2019. He will be greatly missed by his loving family members, his many fans and his friends. May he find eternal peace.

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