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Khamrune Ali

Khamrune Ali a top female vocalist emerging out of Trinidad, was born to Omaid Ali and Zaitoon Ali at Warrenville, Cunupia. Her singing career started at the young age of 13, singing Muslim religious songs. She made her debut at the age of 15 when she entered a singing competition at the St. Josephs Muslim School which was arranged by Masack Sharma. Khamrune placed 2nd in this competition amongst a group of young talented artistes. She learnt many of the film songs by listening to the radio. When she was just 17 years of age she entered the Island Wide Singing Competition at the Naparima Bowl where she competed alongside many top ranking artiste emerging with the 2nd prize. She joined a Ramayan group for a number of years; the leader of this group Soogrim Ram later formed their own band called Naya Kadam in Malick, Barataria. She was a member of this band for many years. Hosein Khan who complimented her about her beautiful voice introduced her to Harry Mahabir. She later had an audition with Harry Mahabir, after which she was invited to join the BWIA National Indian Orchestra of which she was a member for over 8 years. On two occasions she entered the popular Mastana Bahar Competition. In 1982 she reached the Grand Finals where she won the 1st prize. She became an instant celebrity after her victory. She has toured extensively throughout Guyana, Suriname, Barbados, Jamaica, Canada and the USA. Khamrune freelanced with many bands over the years. In 1996 she migrated to Florida, USA where she continues to captivate her audiences with her consistently brilliant and exciting performances. (Copyright Nisha Sharma 2021).


Anil Bheem & Khamrune Ali

Anita, Chandradath& Khamrune Ali

Anupam Kher & Khamrune Ali

Arshaad Hosein & Khamrune Ali

Devika R. Singh & Khamrune Ali

Haroon, Varindra & Khamrune Ali

Khamrune Ali - Performing

Khamrune Ali - Performing

Khamrune Ali - Photo 1

Khamrune Ali & Devika R. Singh

Khamrune Ali & Rikki Jai

Nadia Madoo & Khamrune Ali

Rajkumar K. Persad, Khamrune & Joyce

Sadia Hosein Leidy & Khamrune Ali

Surujdeo Mungroo & Khamrune Ali


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