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Ganga Persaud

The much loved and well respected singer Ganga Persaud was born in Guyana into a family of musicians, he migrated to Canada in 1974. His singing career began in the 1980's, singing film songs and bhajans. In 1989 this talented singer went on to sing with the Melody Makers Orchestra led by Suresh Hanuman. He made his first recording in 1993 called "Precious Gems," this first release was widely successful among listeners. Ganga has toured extensively through much of Canada and the United States, to very receptive audiences wherever he performs. He currently sings alongside the Variations Band which is led by the famous Guyanese Musician Bhim Singh. The audience wanted more and Ganga obliged with his second album "Just 4 You," which was completed late last year. Ganga Persaud continues to entertain at local clubs and shows across the greater Toronto area. (Copyright Nisha Sharma 2023).


Ganga Persaud - 1

Ganga Persaud - 2

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Ganga Persaud - 5

Ganga Persaud & Vijay Rajkumar

Ganga Persaud - 6

Ganga Persaud - Just For You


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