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Dhanraj Singh

One of Trindad's most popular singers, Dhanraj Singh was born at Rancho Quemado, Erin, to Ramdeen and Samdaye Singh. He owes his deep passion for music to his father being an ardent music lover himself. After listening to singers like Mohd. Rafi and Hemant Kumar on the gramophone Dhanraj developed a heartfelt passion for music and so his musical journey began. Yacoob Mohammed from Princess Town realizing his hidden talent, introduced him to the Mohammed family "Indian Talent on Parade". His songs were played on the airwaves and he started enjoying immense fame thereafter. He then joined the Naya Tarana Orchestra of Princess Town of which he was a member for 10 years. Dhanraj was a Grand Finalist on two occasions on the ever-popular Mastana Bahar. He also entered the Mohd. Rafi Arzoo Singing Competition in which he placed 2nd amongst many other great talented singers of Trinidad and Tobago. He has had a series of successful tours to Suriname, Guyana, Canada and Holland & has toured with BWIA Indian Orchestra also the Naya Tarana Orchestra, leaving his audiences awestruck wherever he goes. Dhanraj continues to entertain his audiences at present by visiting various mandirs singing Divine praises to God. (Copyright Nisha Sharma 2023).


Acme Dil-E-Nadan Orchestra

Dhanraj Singh - 1

Dhanraj Singh - Mastana Bahar

Cyril, Dhanraj Singh & Mukhraj Sahadeo

Dhanraj Singh, Brijmohan & Bisram Moonilal - Paul Sokhai,Ramnarine Moonilal & Farouk

Jonah,Dhanraj Singh & Mukhraj

Bashir, Pir Khan Junior, Shaffick, Dhanraj Singh

Bashir,Shaffick & Dhanraj Singh

Bisham Singh & Dhanraj Singh (Mastana Bahar)

Dhanraj Singh - 2

Dhanraj Singh - 3

Dhanraj Singh - 4

Dhanraj Singh - 5

Dhanraj Singh & Bashir Mohammed

Dhanraj Singh & Pir Khan Junior

Dhanraj Singh & Sheila Singh

Dhanraj Singh - Mastana Bahar

Dhanraj Singh - 6


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Apni Ankhon (Sample)

Chalka Ye Jaam - (Sample)

Gore Gore - (Sample)

Ehsaan Tera - (Sample)