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Ramdeo Seelochan

The multi-talented Musician Ramdeo Seelochan was born August 1940 to Seelochan Salinti and Bachoon Salinti in Barrackpore, South Trinidad. At a very young age he moved with his parents to St. Johns Road, Avocat. His father’s brother (a mandolin player) was very influential in Ramdeo Seelochan learning to play musical instruments. He married the charming Lutchmin Ramdeo and in due course they had 3 very talented sons. The ever popular Gemini Orchestra was founded in Trinidad by Mr. Ramdeo Seelochan in the late 1960’s and has always ranked as one of the top bands. During this era they performed with some of the best in the business, including top artistes from the Indian Film Industry as well as locals in Trinidad and Tobago and have created a name for themselves by developing a unique sound which has distinguished them from the rest. In 1976 Gemini Orchestra under the esteemed leadership of Mr. Seelochan provided excellent music for the recording of Mookraj Sahadeo which turned out to be an instant hit. This versatile musician played almost all instruments and excelled in keyboards, saxophone and hawaiian guitar and was also involved in teaching Indian dance. Mr. Seelochan was also chosen to be one of the Judges in the Famous talent show Mastana Bahar, and Indian Cultural Pageant, also was a judge in most of the local Tassa competitions. He was one the first person to have an all ladies Chowtal group, which won many competitions. In the mid 80’s to mid 90’s the Gemini Orchestra was fortunate to be chosen by the King of Chutney, the late Sundar Popo to tour with him in the USA, and was given the honor of performing at the world famous Madison Square Garden, making him and his band Gemini Orchestra the first Indo Caribbean Band to do so. The band then went on tour to Canada and Guyana and this led to a strong bond between Sundar and Mr. Ramdeo. After migrating to the USA in 1989 he changed the band name to The Gemini Band to give it a more International feel, but his musical vibrance and dedication did not change; this gave him the opportunity to do back up music for some of Calypso’s best like Mighty Sparrow, Calypso Rose and Blueboy to name a few. Unfortunate to the Indo Caribbean Musical Industry, Mr. Ramdeo Seelochan passed away in 1993, and he was recently recognized for his achievements on 103FM Radio hall of fame life time award. His musical legacy lives on; his three sons Steve, Michael and Raymond Seelochan continue to keep his Band alive. (Copyright Michael Seelochan and Hindisongstt 2023).


Ramdeo Seelochan - 1

Ramdeo Seelochan & His Gemini Band.

Ramdeo Seelochan & Sundar Popo

Ramdeo Seelochan & His Band - 2

Calypso King of The World Mighty Sparrow & Ramdeo Seelochan

Ramdeo Seelochan & Others


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