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Pandit Bal Gangadhar

Pandit Bal Gangadhar was the second of eight children born to Pandit Sardaram and Mrs. Sirjudaye Maharaj at Boodoo Trace Junction, Debe in May 1912. He followed in his father’s footsteps  and started studying to be a Pandit at a very tender age under the guidance of his two Gurus - Pandit Basdeo Misir of The Temple of Mt. Lambert and Pandit Jankie Persad  Sharma (his cousin in law) of Debe.

At the age of twenty two he wed Deokiedai , daughter of Pandit and Mrs. Ramkissoon of Pointe a Pierre. He was a devoted husband and father to his seven children. His bubbly Personality and his great sense of humour made him very popular and well loved by all. Throughout his life he was Guru to many. In the 1940s he taught English and Hindi to students at Carat School in Mohess Road, Penal. He taught and shared his knowledge by his practice of “Panditie” not only in Trinidad, but in USA and Canada where he performed poojas for many of his “Chelas” (godchildren) in the early 70s.

In 1955 he made his first of four trips to India. Twelve years later he made his second trip together with his dharampatni, Deokiedai. There was a reunion with his father’s sister (she was born after her brother left India) and other members of the family in Palampur. Since that the relationship has continued with visits from other members of the family while the succeeding generations continue to keep in touch. The life he lived was really a reflection of the lessons he imparted by way of poojas and yagnas which he conducted and by his own actions, always practising what he preached. It is rightly said, “As a man lives, so shall he die”,  as he took his last breath in his Temple while performing pooja on Saturday April 21st 1979 at the feet of Lord Hanuman. He will always be remembered for his propogation Of Sanatan Dharma. May his soul forever rest in peace. (Copyright Chandra Ramlochan for Hindisongstt 2023)


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Pandit Bal Gangadhar - Conducting a Puja

Pandit Bal Gangadhar Leading Aguani Procession


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