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Pandit Samsundar Parasram

Pandit Dr. Samsundar Parasram was born in March 1937. He was the first son of Sursattee and Pandit Parasram Maharaj. As a young boy and later as a teenager he took part in religious and social work and showed a tremendous aptitude for both religious and secular studies. On leaving high school he became a teacher and taught at the Freeport, Mc Bean and Tunapuna Hindu Schools.
His further education was at the Delhi University and the Pusa Institute. He was an Entomologist and the Director of the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI). Being a highly regarded regional leader in his field of study, he was an integral part of numerous local and regional bodies such as: the Technical Committee for Agricultural Technology Transfer between Latin America and the Caribbean (TECLAC), Latin America Regional Livestock Assessment workshops and Inter-American Institute for Co-operation on Agriculture (IICA).
Well versed in astrology and the scriptures, he was a highly distinguished pandit who earned the deep respect of his peers, students and even his elders. He passed away in 2001. His wife Anjanny also passed away a few years later. He is survived by his only son Virendra and has two grandchildren. A library, once completed, at the Exchange Shiv Mandir Complex in Couva is to be named in his honour. We at Hindisongstt pay our utmost respect to the late Samsundar Parasram for his sterling contribution to the upliftment of Sanatan Dharma in Trinidad and Tobago.

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Mrs. Anjaany Parasram & Pandit Samsundar Parasram

Pandit Samsundar Parasram - 1

Pandit Samsundar Parasram - 2

Pandit Samsundar Parasram - 3

Pandit Samsundar Parasram - 4

Pandit Samsundar Parasram -5

Pandit Samsundar Parasram - 6

Pandit Samsundar Parasram - 7

Pandit Samsundar Parasram conducting a Puja

Pandit Samsundar Parasram doing Puja

Pandit Samsundar Parasram doing Puja

Pandit Samsundar Parasram performing Puja


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