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Pandit Sriram Jadoonanan Misra

Pandit Dr. Sriram Jadoonanan Misra was born on 16th September 1932 at S.S. Erin Rd, Penal, South Trinidad. His father was the illustrious Pandit Jadoonanan Ramadhar Misra and his mother was Dhanari Misra. His Grandfather was Pandit Ramadhar Misra, well renowned for his exquisite presentations of the scriptures and notably the Srimad Bhagwat Maha Puran; his grandmother was Samundari Misra. Both of them came indentured from Bihar, India to the Phoenix Park Estate in California, Trinidad West Indies. Pandit Sriram Jadoonanan Misra was very learned and articulate in his presentation of the Hindu Scriptures, he performed many yagyas far and wide in the Country and abroad. He benefitted greatly from the collection of scriptural text brought by his grandparents from India and imparted to him by both his grandfather and father, all of whom were renowned in their knowledge and presentation of the intricacies of astrology and scriptural content. Pandit Sriram commenced his exposition at the age of 13 when he performed his first Yagya, thereafter he was a household name in the performance of Yagyas, ceremonies and devotional exercises. He was a lecturer on the scriptures par excellence. He obtained degrees from several universities in India and he was awarded the degree of Doctor of theology. He produced many pandits by educating them in his school of theology (SANATAN VIDWAD VIDYALAYA) in Laltoo Trace, Penal, South Trinidad and produced many publications on Hindu theology and methods of practice, which are been used even today.  He also journeyed to Guyana to spread the holy word and during his stay there he was enchanted by the charming Dharamrani Jadoonanan Misra who became wedded to him and remained his pivotal support till he departed this life in Florida, USA, on the 12th January 1996. He has two children Himalya and Vashishta both of whom are residing in the USA. The passing of Panditji, leaves a great void in the spiritual dissemination of Hindu Philosophy in Trinidad and Tobago which is impossible to fill. We at Hindisongstt pay our utmost respect to the revered late Pandit Dr. Sriram Jadoonanan Misra for his sterling contribution to Sanatan Dharma. For the listening pleasure of all who were blessed to know this very great soul we have added an Audio Sample of his voice, from our music library.
We at Hindisongstt would very much appreciate it if family, friends and disciples of the late Pandit Sriram Jadoonanan Misra can provide us with any additional photos, audio or videos you may have of this Blessed soul to add to his biography for the enjoyment of all. Kindly contact us at (868) 342-9951 or you can send us a mailto:hindisongstt@gmail.com

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Pandit Sriram Jadoonanan Misra - 1

Pandit Sriram Jadoonanan Misra - 2

Pandit Sriram Jadoonanan Misra - 3

Pandit Sriram Jadoonanan Misra - 4

Pandit Siewdath Maharaj & Pandit Sriram Jadoonanan Misra

Pandit Ashram Sharma & Pandit Sriram Jadoonanan Misra

Pandit Sriram Jadoonanan Misra - Conducting A Puja

Pandit Sriram Jadoonanan Misra - 5

Pandit Sriram Jadoonanan Misra - Performing A Wedding

Pandit Jadoonanan Misra & Dharam Rani Jadoonanan

Pandit Jadoonanan Misra & Dharam Rani Jadoonanan


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Pandit Sriram Jadoonanan Misra-1

Pandit Sriram Jadoonanan Misra-2

Pandit Sriram Jadoonanan Misra-3

Pandit Sriram Jadoonanan Misra-4