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Pandit Capildeo Maharajh

Pandit Capildeo Maharajh of Arena Road, Freeport, was born August 23rd, 1935 to Pandit Seusaran Maharaj and Ramcoomarie Maharaj, in California, Central Trinidad. There he attended California Government School and Esperanza CM School, where he sat the Exhibition Exam. He later attended the prestigious Queens Royal College, in Port of Spain for seven years. Whilst attending College he stayed with Mr. & Mrs. Simbhoonath Capildeo and also Mrs. Sunerdaye Kasinath. When Panditji was very young he learnt Hindi and the scriptures from his father and elder brother, Pandit Mahadeo Maharaj. Pandit Capildeo was very fortunate to have had the legendary and very knowledgeable Pandit Basdeo Misir as his Guru. At about the age of 16, Mrs. Kasinath encouraged him to do his first puja, which he lovingly performed and completed successfully. His elder brother, Pandit Mahadeo was highly instrumental in passing the knowledge of the scriptures on to him, as his father died when he was very young. Pandit Kasi Persad Misra was also very influential in Panditji’s studies as a Pandit. He went on to perform many pujas and yagnas across the Country. Panditji had many devoted chelas, locally and abroad. In 1954 he was the first Non-Christian to join the Teaching staff at Presentation College, San Fernando. With years of hard work he went on to become the Senior English Teacher, Language Master (taught Spanish and Latin) and Dean of Discipline, from where he retired in 1989. He married the charming grand-daughter of Pandit Haricharan, Kunti Ramsawak of Arouca. They had 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl, Vishwanath, Umanath, Neilendranath and Sushma. All of his three sons followed in their father’s footsteps to become pandits.  He became a very popular radio presenter on the airwaves of Trinidad & Tobago from 1962 until the 1990’s, conducting three wonderful radio programmes, Morning Inspiration, Deva Vaani and Morning Devotion. His loyal listeners missed him tremendously after he discontinued these radio programmes. In 1970 he constructed a lovely mandir at his home, where neighbours, chelas and friends attended weekly services and all major Hindu celebrations. He was also a member of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha where he was elevated to Dharma Ratna. The very caring and lovable Pandit Capildeo peacefully left this earthly body on Dec. 17th 2011, bringing great sadness to the multitude of individuals that he touched. For the listening pleasure of all who were blessed to know this very great soul we have added Audio Samples of his voice.

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Pandit Sahadeo Dubay & Pandit Capildeo Maharajh

Pandit Sahadeo Dubay & Pandit Capildeo Maharajh

Pandit Mahadeo Maharaj & Pandit Capildeo Maharajh

Pandit Jagdeo, Pandit Capildeo Maharajh, Baldeo & Pandit Bramdeo

Pandit Capildeo Maharajh & His Dharam Patni (Kunti Ji)

Pandit Capildeo Maharajh & His Dharam Patni (Kunti Ji)

Pandit Bramdeo Maharaj & Pandit Capildeo Maharajh

Pandit Capildeo Maharajh & His Dharam Patni (Kunti Ji)

Pandit Capildeo Maharajh - Officiating At A Puja

Pandit Ashram Sharma & Pandit Capildeo Maharajh

Pandit Capildeo Maharajh, Umanath Maharajh & Mrs. Capildeo

Pandit Capildeo Maharajh & Pandit Vishwanath (Honours Pt. Mahadeo Maharaj))

Pandit Capildeo Maharajh - 1

Pandit Capildeo Maharajh - 2

Pandit Capildeo Maharajh - 3

Pandit Capildeo Maharajh - 4

Pandit Capildeo Maharajh - 5

Pandit Capildeo Maharajh - 6

Pandit Capildeo Maharajh & Pandit Siewdath Maharaj

Pandit Capildeo Maharajh & His Dharam Patni (Kunti Ji)

Sushma Maharajh, Pandit Capildeo Maharajh & Kunti Ji

Pandit Capildeo Maharajh & Pandit Neelindranath Maharajh (Baby)


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Slokas By Pandit Capildeo

Excerpt From Radio Prgramme - 1

Excerpt From Radio Prgramme - 2