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Pandit Krishna Harrybatchan

Pandit Krishna Harrybatchan was born on January 8th 1945 in Malgretoute village Princes Town, to Pandit Harrybatchan Jaijahram Maharaj and Tatetri Maharaj. He was the grandson of the late Pandit Rambaran Tiwari of Woodland, South Trinidad. He came from a very long lineage of Pandits. From a very early age he moved to La Fortune, Woodland, where he spent a number of years with his maternal uncle (mamoo), the late Pandit Harripersad Sharma. He started his scriptural studies under the guidance of Pt. Harripersad Sharma. He was fortunate to have received hands on training as a pandit from his mamoo while accompanying him on a daily basis as he conducted pujas and yagnas throughout the territory. He later moved to Claxton Bay to live with his uncle (mousa), Pandit Rambaran Sharma, where he continued his training as a pandit for many years. Thereafter he lived the rest of his life in Claxton Bay. He was the eldest of four boys and was a great inspiration to his brother’s, Pandit Ganesh Harrybatchan, the late Mahase Harrybatchan and the late Pandit Vishnu Harrybatchan. He was well loved and he had many chelas (disciples) both locally and abroad, and he conducted pujas and yagnas throughout the region. Pandit Krishna Harrybatchan was a very dedicated member of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha of Trinidad and Tobago, and was the manager of the Spring Vale Hindu School for quite a few years.  He worked for many years with Caroni 1975 Limited at the Usine Sugar Factory. He was married to his lovely, charming wife Basdaye and they had one beautiful daughter Vedawatee. Pandit Krishna Harrybatchan known for his simplicity, humility, kindness and generosity departed this material world at the very young age of 42, on August 8th 1986 much to the shock of his loved ones, chelas, family and friends. His legacy lives on through his son-in-law, Pandit Surindra Persad Sharma, grandson Aditya Persad Sharma and grand-daughter Anuradha Persad Sharma.

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Pandit Krishna Harrybatchan - 1

Pandit Krishna Harrybatchan & Vedawatee (Daughter)

Pandit Krishna Harrybatchan & Tatetri Harrybatchan (Mother)

Pandit Krishna Harrybatchan On The Singhaasan

Pandit Khemraj Maharaj & Pandit Krishna Harrybatchan

Pandit Krishna Harrybatchan - Holi Celebration

Pandit Krishna Harrybatchan - 2

Pandit Krishna Harrybatchan, Indra, Bona, Radica & Pt. Sharma Basdeo

Pandit Krishna Harrybatchan - 3

Pandit Krishna Harrybatchan - 4

Pandit Jadoonanan Misra, Pandit Mahase Maharaj & Pandit Krishna Harrybachan


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