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Pandit Mahadeo Maharaj

Pandit Mahadeo Maharaj was born to Mr. & Mrs. Seusarran Maharaj on Feb. 16, 1916, in California, Central Trinidad. He spent his early childhood at Grants Trace, Rousillac where he attended the Rousillac Canadian Mission Primary School. In 1928 the family moved to California, where he attended the Esperanza Presbyterian and California Government Primary Schools. He was the eldest of eight children (six brothers and one sister). From a very young age, he began the study of comparative religions and to examine the teachings of Hinduism from a scientific and philosophical viewpoint. In spite of his limited formal education, he emerged a highly efficient and well-read Pandit who commanded the respect at all levels of the Society. In 1943 he became a practising Pandit. He always took great pleasure in attending Yagnas throughout Trinidad and Tobago lecturing on comparative religion and science, demonstrating the commonalities between all religions. He was married to the graceful and loving Ramdoolarie, they had eight children - five girls and three boys. In January 1932, he became employed with Caroni Limited, Brechin Castle as a Laboratory Assistant. He remained with this Company for 46 years, during which time he was promoted to Sugar Chemist. He resigned from this position in 1978.  In 1982 he was honoured by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago with the Medal of Merit award for Public Service (M.O.M.). He was the perfect role model. Four of his brothers Pt. Bramdeo Maharaj and the late Pt. Jagdeo Maharaj, Pt. Hardeo Maharaj and Pt. Capildeo Maharaj followed in his footsteps and went on to become very prominent pandits of Trinidad and Tobago as well. The challenging obligations of Panditji’s family life did not deter him from active public life, which stretched throughout Trinidad and other countries. Anyone who knew him would remember him preaching and practising with determination the principles of Dharma. The late Pandit Mahadeo Maharaj has touched the lives of many devotees with his humility and compassion throughout his life’s journey.

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Pandit Mahadeo Maharaj & His Dharampatni (Ramdoolarie)

Pandit Mahadeo Maharaj & Pandit Hardeo Maharaj

Pandit Mahadeo Maharaj - 1

Pandit Mahadeo Maharaj - 2

Pandit Mahadeo Maharaj & Pandit Capildeo Maharajh

Pandit Mahadeo Maharaj, Sahadeo Maharaj & Pandit Capildeo Maharajh


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Pandit Mahadeo Maharaj - Sloka