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Pandit Harripersad Sharma

Pandit Harripersad Sharma was born in the year 1922 in the Village of La Fortune Woodland, South Trinidad, West Indies, to Pandit Rambaran Tiwari and Sukraji; he was the third of ten children. He was also fondly called Harrydass in the earlier days by his peers. He attended the Bien Venue Presbyterian School, La Romaine. From a very early age, while accompanying his father in devotional practices his training began as a pandit. At the very young age of 13 he started conducting Pujas for devotees. He took his duties as a Pandit very seriously, and made it a lifelong commitment. His Guru was Pandit Latchmi Maharaj of Penal Rock Road. His Vidya Gurus were Pandit Basdeo Misir of Mount Lambert, North Trinidad the first Dharmacharya (Hindu Archbishop) of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha of Trinidad and Tobago and Pandit Jankie Persad Sharma the second Dharmacharya of Trinidad and Tobago from Debe, South Trinidad under whose guidance he studied the many scriptures. He developed a special love for the Srimad Bhagwat Maha Puran, which ultimately became his most favoured text on which he conducted his discourses. He also served as a dedicated manager of the Woodland Hindu School for 22 years. He was well loved by his many chelas locally and abroad. During his years of service Panditji conducted many Yagnas throughout the Country. During his lifespan as a Pandit he was a member of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha of Trinidad and Tobago, of which the illustrious Bhadase Sagan Maharaj, was the 1st President General.  Pandit Harripersad was married to the late beautiful and charming Ramdularie, the daughter of the late popular Pandit Surujnarine Maharaj of Penal. They had four children. Two of his sons Pandit Denesh Sharma and Pandit Ashram Sharma have followed in their father’s footsteps as Pandits. Pandit Harripersad’s closest friend throughout his life was the late Tank (Padna) Boodram. Panditji followed in the tradition of his paternal grandfather (Aja) Pandit ABHILAKH of India. Pandit Harripersad died at the very young age of 56, in the year 1978.

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We of Hindisongstt would like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Naresh Tiwari for the very rare video footage of Pt. Harripersad Sharma along with many other Pandits past and present for your viewing pleasure.

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Pandit Harripersad Sharma, Mandir Ke Sadhu & Pandit Janki Persad Sharma

Pandit Harripersad Sharma & Bhadase Sagan Maharaj

Pandit Harripersad Sharma, Jonathan Beepath & Adhar Ramdhan

Pandit Harripersad Sharma & A Chela - Yagna At La Romaine

Pandit Janki Persad Sharma (Standing) & Pandit Harripersad Sharma (On Singh Asan)

Pandit Harripersad Sharma & Pandit Janki Persad Sharma On Singh Asan

Pandit Harripersad Sharma - 1

Pandit Harripersad Sharma - 2

Pandit Harripersad Sharma - 3

Pandit Harripersad Sharma - 4

Pandit Harripersad Sharma - 5

Pandit Harripersad Sharma - 6

Pandit Mahase Maharaj & Pandit Harripersad Sharma

Pt. Janki Persad Sharma (Dhoti) & Pt. Harripersad Sharma (Dhoti)-Consecration Of Woodland Mandir

Pandit Harripersad Sharma, Premnath Deoraj & Deoraj Ramelan

Pandit Harripersad Sharma - Conducting A Pooja

Jaidath Baal, Pandit Harripersad Sharma & Premnath Deoraj

K. Moosai, Sharma Maharaj, Pt. Harripersad Sharma, Deoraj Seunarine, Gaya Ramoutar & P. Dhanraj - Red


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