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Bharat Boochoon

Bharath Boochoon was born and raised in La Fortune Woodland, South Trinidad. At school he showed a keen interest in singing bhajans and playing the dholak. Bharath still remembers and sing numerous bhajans he learnt from Mr.Deoraj Seunarine, a teacher at Woodland Hindu School where he attended. At the age of 9 his father Boochoon Jagmohan (a.k.a. The King of Dhantal) taught him to sing and play the dholak. With the knowledge he gained from his father, subsequently he started performing at school functions, much to the delight of his young peers. He also participated in the service at the D.L.S. Mandir, Unit 21, in Woodland. Bharat received some guidance in playing the dholak from one of Trinidad's most celebrated and skilled dholak players, Joseph Ramjit. His college Principal, Prof. B.M. Bhattacharya, saw the enthusiasm Bharat had towards Indian Culture and he took him under his wings. He was actively involved in all of the drama productions, both as an actor and a singer. In 1978 he was in the grand finals of the Mastana Bahar in Trinidad, where he was awarded the "People's Choice Award," for his popularity and presentation. Bharat migrated to Florida in 1981, where together with Pandit Ramsurat Maharaj and others formed the Florida Hindu Organization Inc. He played music for many visiting Pandits from Trinidad and also Swamis from India including Sant Keshavadas. Since 1995 he has released a few CD's, Bhajan Satya, Divine Life Bhajans and Sai Amrit Vani. Meanwhile Bharat spearheaded many fund raising events for the FHO in aid of their temple building fund, which were very successful in raising much needed funds to complete their temple. He is very much involved in activities at the temple where he also teaches music and singing to the youths of the Mandir. Since 1995 he has been working closely with the Trinidad and Tobago Consulate in the field of Cultural Development and would regularly perform for the then PM The Hon. Basdeo Panday and CG Chandradath Singh. In 2011, Bharath represented Trinidad & Tobago at the World Famous "Taj Mahal Festival" as a Bhojpuri Singer. His performance was well received as the huge audience at the Taj were amazed at the style of singing nationals from Trinidad were capable of and it's North India Culture. Bharath Boochoon continues to be involved in all aspects of Hindu Religion and culture, both as a teacher and a practitioner. (Copyright Hindisongstt 2023).


Anup Jalota & Bharat Boochoon

Bharat Boochoon - Playing The Dholak

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Bharat Boochoon

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