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Pandit Ramdath Vyas

Pandit Ramdath Vyas remains one of the most notable Hindu priests in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, with a following that extends beyond Trinidad to include North and South America. As a spiritual teacher, he strived to be a bridge between the vast eternal truths of the Hindu scriptures and his audience. He accomplished this largely by recounting these teachings from the singhaasan over a period beginning in 1978 until the time he was stricken by a stroke in 1992. Even though he no longer actively recounts discourses, Pandit Ramdath Vyas still maintains his commitment to the propagation of Sanatan Dharma by making available to the public his discourses on CD and by continuing to attend and participate in yagnas throughout Trinidad. Throughout his career as a Spiritual Teacher, Pandit Ramdath Vyas has related many discourses from the popular Ramcharitmanas, the Bhagvad Gita, the Devi Bhagvatam and the various Puranas, always in a manner that could be enjoyed and appreciated by all. Having grown up in a village of closely knit Hindus and Muslims, he placed particular importance on strengthening multicultural bridges. Panditji also gave his time and efforts to propagating Sanatan Dharma in the capacity of President of the Pandit’s Parishad, Member of the Education Board and Vice President of the SDMS. He has also acted as the Hindu representative of the IRO of Trinidad and Tobago and is the founder of the Vyas Hindu Complex in Charlieville, Chaguanas. Pandit Ramdath Vyas was also an avid sportsman and a linguist versed in Hindi, Sanskrit, Spanish and French. For a number of years he taught Spanish, French and English Literature at the Couva Government Secondary School. In recognition of his contribution to Sanatan Dharma and his selfless religious and social service, Pandit Ramdath Vyas has been bestowed the National Award of the Chaconia Medal Gold, has been inducted into the National Council of Indian Culture’s Hall of Pioneers and has been awarded by the Anjuman Sunnat-Ul-Jamaat Assoc. Inc. These are but a few of numerous awards of recognition that Panditji was honoured to have received from both local and international religious and social organisations. Pandit Ramdath Vyas is an exemplary son of Hinduism. Throughout his adult life he has sought to support his community and build intercultural relationships, to propagate a love and appreciation of the great teachings of the Hindu Scriptures and to bring his audience closer to realising their best divine self. He continues to do so today in whatever way that he can. This was and is his calling. We have added Audio & Video Samples of the Great Pandit Ramdath Vyas for the enjoyment of his many friends and well-wishers everywhere. To obtain your copies of CD's by Pandit Ramdath Vyas click on http://www.hindisongstt.com/song_listing.php?catId=83

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Pandit Ramdath Vyas - Photo 1

Pandit Ramdath Vyas - Photo 2

Pandit Ramdath Vyas - Photo 3

Pandit Ramdath Vyas - Photo 4

Pandit Ramdath Vyas - Photo 5

Pandit Ramdath Vyas - Photo 6

Pandit Ramdath Vyas, Pt. Mahadeo Vyas & Pt. Khemraj Vyas

Pandit Ramdath Vyas, Satnarine Maharaj & Ms. Shanti Maharaj

Pandit Ramdath Vyas & His Dear Mother Samdaye Vyas

Pandit Ramdath Vyas & His Dharam Patni (Sasee)

Pandit Ramdath Vyas On The Singhaasan

Pandit Ramdath Vyas Playing Dholak

Pt. Mahadeo Vyas, Pt. Khemraj Vyas, Pt. Ramdath Vyas & Pt. Deodath Vyas

Pandit Ramdath Vyas - Photo 7

President Noor Hassanali & Pandit Ramdath Vyas

Favorite Bhajans Cd By Pandit Ramdath Vyas

A Tribute To Mother Cd Vol 1 By Pandit Ramdath Vyas

Lanka Kand The Building Of The Bridge By Pandit Ramdath Vyas


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The Art Of Symbolisim

Excerpts From Devi Katha 1

The Glory Of Hanuman - Lanka Kand

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