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Pandit Seusankar Seunarine

Pandit Seusankar Seunarine was born in 1923, at the home of his maternal grandfather (Nana), Pandit Ramadhar Misra at the intersection of Gopie Trace and S.S. Erin Road, Penal, to Ramdai and Seunarine Maharaj. His paternal grandfather was Pandit Ramnath Shukla of Railway Road, Princes Town. He attended the Canadian Mission Indian School in Debe, South Trinidad, until fourth standard. From the age of 5 he started his studies in Hindi and Karamkanda under the guidance of the late Pandit Jankie Persad Sharma and his Nana, Pandit Ramadhar Misra. He officiated at his very first puja at the very young age of ten. He is a disciple of the late Pandit Basdeo Misir of Mount Lambert. Being fluent in Hindi, he continued speaking Hindi with the elders at all time. After leaving the CMI School, at about the age of ten, he worked at a number of odd jobs, commencing at the Ste Madeline Sugar Company, Picton Estate, working his way up gradually through Company’s such as J.T. Johnson’s Ltd., George F. Huggins & Company Ltd., Solicitor Roopnarine Seenath of San Fernando, learning typing, he even graduated as a stenographer, at about the age of 12. One of the many jobs he landed was with the U. S. Navy as a typist, at this time he was living in St. James and continuing his studies at the Malvern High School, Oxford Street, Port Of Spain, from where he graduated with the Cambridge School Certificate, he was the only student to make a distinction in Latin. He was then admitted to the Honorable Society of Gray’s Inn, where he studied Law from 1947 to 1950. During that period of time he was also employed with the Government of India, at India House, London, U.K. He was seconded to the secretariat of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, in London where they both lived together, whenever he visited London. Then in 1948, he was sent as an Indian Government Representative with the Indian Delegation at the United Nations, in Paris, where he stayed and worked for 3 months. He was qualified as a Barrister at Law in England and returned to Trinidad and Tobago in the year 1950. He started his own Law Practice from the year 1950 to present, practising in all the Courts of Trinidad and Tobago. From 1950 after returning from his studies, he officiated in many Yagnas, Satsangs and Motivational Discussions with various organizations in Trinidad and Tobago and other Countries. In the early Fifties he was part of a delegation which obtained from the Ste. Madeline Sugar Company, three lots of land on Todd Street, San Fernando, for the erection of a Hindu Mandir, which was given to the Gandhi Seva Sangh, which he formed and eventually Incorporated. In this Mandir for many years, he conducted classes on various Hindu Scriptures, until the new dispensation took over. In 1954, he was married to the beautiful and charming, Devika Kamla Seunarine, daughter of the late Ramsumair Maharaj and Gangee Maharaj. Together they toured India for three and a half months, visiting and worshipping various pilgrimage sites. After which they continued on a  World tour visiting Countries all over the World for one year. He is instrumental in the spiritual education and advancement of many devotees and he conducted classes at the Divine Life Society of Trinidad and Tobago for several years in Ramayan, Bhagvad Gita and many other Scriptures. He also conducted classes at the Radha Krishna Mandir, Gandhi Village, Debe, on the Narad Bhakti Sutra, Vivek Chudamani, Bhaja Govindam and Yoga Vashishta. To date Pandiji continues to be of assistance to anyone reaching out to him, ever willing to counsel and guide. He remains a shining beacon in the minds and hearts of all who know him.

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The very caring and knowledgeable Pandit Seusankar Seunarine who was nothing short of a spiritual giant, peacefully left this earthly body on July 17th, 2015, bringing great sadness to his many family and friends and by extension the great multitude of individuals that he touched. He would surely be missed.

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Pandit Seusankar Seunarine & Pandit Mahase Maharaj

Pandit Seusankar Seunarine - 1

Pandit Seusankar Seunarine, Deoraj Seunarine & Minoo Purshottam

Pt. Jawarharlal Nehru, Nanda, Worker & Pt. Seusankar Seunarine

Pandit Ashram Sharma & Pandit Seusankar Seunarine

Pandit Seusankar Seunarine - 2

Pandit Seusankar Seunarine - 3

Devika Seunarine & Pandit Seusankar Seunarine

Pandit Seusankar Seunarine, Bisram Gopie, Mrs. Seun. & Mrs. Gopie (Front)

Pandit Seusankar Seunarine & Pandit Jankie Persad Sharma (Back)

Devika Seunarine & Pandit Seusankar Seunarine

Pandit Seusankar Seunarine & Devika Seunarine

Pandit Seusankar Seunarine & Pandit Rampersad Parasram

Pandit Seusankar Seunarine (Right to Left 3rd Back Row)

Babsi S. Dolsingh, Pt. Seu. Seunarine, Sec., Pres. A.N.R. Robinson & Sec.


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