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Ashwini Kupchand

Ashwini Kupchand was born in the Republic of Guyana to Pandit Kupchand and Shreemati Mohanie Etwaroo. He graduated from the University of Guyana in 1977 as a Pharmacist where he worked with the Ministry Of Health. He started singing from the tender age of eight in the Mandir in Vreed-en-Hoop. As a teenager he did freelance singing with Ramanand Orchestra and appeared frequently on the radio with the Melody Makers led by David Singh. Ashwini never had any formal training in music but enjoyed singing as a hobby. He is from a musically inclined family from Georgetown. Well known singers from his family include Mr. Sewsarran Balkaran, Dr. Beni Balkaran and Dr. Roopnarine Balkaran. While in Guyana he also sang in many programmes hosted by Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud. Ashwini migrated to Trinidad in 1980 where he met Chaytnath Maharaj while singing at a Divali function hosted by the San Fernando General Hospital. He was introduced to the Krishna Mandir in San Fernando where he continued singing. Through his friend Shivanand Maharaj he met Rana Mohip and family which is also a musically inclined family. He got married to Giatri, the eldest sister of Rana and they have three wonderful children, Sudheer who is also a good singer, Ritesh and Sudha. He continued singing with Rana and Susan Mohip until 2005. Ashwini now resides in Canada where he continues his passion for singing and is an active member of the Malvern Spiritual Sai Centre. We have added Audio Samples of the voice of this Great Artiste for the listening pleasure of the many fans of Ashwini Kupchand across the globe, taken from our library (Copyright Hindisongstt 2023).


Ashwini Kupchand

Anup Jalota & Ashwini Kupchand

Ashwini Kupchand

Taradath Sawh & Ashwini Kupchand

Ashwini Kupchand

Ashwini Kupchand & Susan Mohip

Ashwini Kupchand (Harmonium & Vocal)

Dennis (Tabla), Ashwini Kupchand (Har.) & Gayatri Kupchand (Voc)

Ashwini Kupchand & Family

Vintage Selections By Ashwini Kupchand


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Ram Teri Maya (Sample)

Hoton Se (Sample)