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Vishnu Rampersad

Vishnu Rampersad was born at Tulsa Trace in Penal, Trinidad, W.I. to Phulbasie and Rampersad Sookhai. At a very tender age Vishnu became a member of the Tulsa Trace Cultural Group and remained a member until the very end. He was also a member of the Echo Sounds Orchestra, Dil Ki Awaz and Gemini Orchestras. He sang songs by Kishore Kumar and Mukesh. However, Vishnu was widely acclaimed for his renditions of the Late Hari Om Sharan so much so that he was dubbed the local Hari Om Sharan. Vishnu toured extensively in Guyana, Suriname, Jamaica, Canada and USA entertaining his many fans abroad. He was always ever willing to be present at Ramayan Satsangs and Poojas to sing praise to the Lord. He was a freelance member of many groups and was ever willing to render his beautiful selections when called upon. Sadly the late Vishnu was taken from us on Oct. 28, 2009. He leaves behind his loving wife Parbatee and two lovely children Nalini and Neil. His captivating voice will continue to echo in our hearts forever. We have added Audio Samples of the voice of this Great Artiste for the listening pleasure of his many fans across the globe, taken from our library of music. (Copyright Nisha Sharma 2023)


Aaron Jeevansingh & Vishnu Rampersad - In New York

Tony Ramasar & Vishnu Rampersad

Vishnu Rampersad, Aaron Jeevansingh & Sanjeev Maharaj

Vishnu Rampersad - On The Telephone

Vishnu Rampersad - At The Altar

Vishnu Rampersad - Photo 1

Vishnu Rampersad - Photo 2

Vishnu Rampersad - Doing Hawan

Vishnu Rampersad - Singing Bhajans

Vishnu Rampersad & Aaron Jeevansingh

Vishnu Rampersad & Anand Yankaran

Vishnu Rampersad & Ashook Yankaran

Vishnu Rampersad - Singing Bhajans

Vishnu Rampersad & Aaron Jeevansingh

Vishnu Rampersad - Photo 3

Vishnu Rampersad & Pandit Sharma Maharaj Of New York

Vishnu Rampersad & Parbatee Rampersad

Vishnu Rampersad & Aaron Jeevansingh - New York


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Vishnu Rampersad - Kaahe Sutal Baaho


Sansaar Ne (Sample)

Tera Ram Ji Karenge (Sample)

Daata Ek Ram (Sample)

Maili Chadar (Sample)

Jai Bhola Bhandari (Sample)