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Vijay Ramkumar

Vijay Ramkumar was born in Eccles East Bank, Demerara and grew up in Palmyra Village, East Canje, Berbice, Guyana, at the tender age of six he developed a keen interest in musical instruments and became an excellent Harmonium player by the age of eight. Over the next fifteen years Vijay continued his amazing artistry becoming proficient on Accordion, Guitar and Keyboard and also gained invaluable musical experience with such bands as Indian All Stars, NTB and Melody Makers of Guyana with such notables as Ishri Singh, Celia Samaroo, Bash Nandalal, Rocky Persaud, Peter Dass , Devindra Pooran among others. He then migrated to Canada in 1983 and continued his musical journey with such bands as Traction, Sargam , Variations and Innovations. Vijay is certainly among the most gifted of artistes to hail from Guyana and has developed remarkable musical arrangement skills with the influence of Karamchand Maharaj and Rohan Chhangur. This has been demonstrated in his 21 CD Productions to date. His musical future is certainly a bright one and Vijay Ramkumar's musical achievements certainly carry the Guyanese Torch forward to the rest of the musical community. (Copyright Hindisongstt 2023)


David Singh, Vijay Ramkumar & Nigel

Vijay Ramkumar - Photo 1

David Singh & Vijay Ramkumar

Vijay Ramkumar, Bob Gopie, Rajen Aodan, Dheeraj Ramnarace & Ricky D.

Vijay Ramkumar - On The Keyboards

Vijay Ramkumar, Daisy Gopie, Bob Gopie, Rajen Aodan, Dheeraj Ramnarace & Ricky D.

Vijay Ramkumar - On The Keyboards

Ganga Persaud & Vijay Ramkumar


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