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Sohan Girdharrie

The Legendary Sohan Girdharrie was born on May 23rd 1926 at the Forres Park Estate in Claxton Bay to Girdharrie and Sukhia. His father was an indentured labourer at the Sugar Cane Estate and he was also a very versatile khanjri bhajan singer. Sohan’s mother was also a talented Indian folk singer. Sohan started to sing at ten years of age. He had a great fondness for songs of the Late Great K.C. Dey, two bhajans in particular were his favourites “Man Ki Ankhen Khol Baba” and “Jawo Jawo Ai Mere Sadhu,”  He also sang many film songs from movies like “Dillagi” and “Barsaat.” He was friends with great Classical Singers like Sam Sher from Couva and Charlie Babwah from Springvale Claxton Bay. At the age of 21 their influence swayed him towards the realm of Classical Singing. He was invited to join them at Classical Singing, farewells and religious functions. At this time he would accompany many Pandits from the Central Area such as Pandit Rambarran Sharma, Pandit Jagdeo Maharaj and Pandit Mahadeo Maharaj in Ramayan Satsangs and Yagnas. On many occasions he shared the stage with many other Great Classical Singers including K.B. Singh, Ramcharitar, Henry Tooloom Dindial, Yusuff Khan and Haniff Mohammed. He appeared on stage at Queens Hall, entered many competitions over the years and won numerous titles. He made successful tours to Canada, USA and Suriname. On his tour to Canada and Suriname he was accompanied by Haniff Mohammed. Many of his children are very talented, Rooplal Girdharrie (Rooplal G) and Moonilal Girdharrie are very well known in the music industry. He is also the uncle of Solo Girdharrie an accomplished Classical Singer. Sohan continues to perform as a freelance singer singing at farewells and religious functions throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

We at Hindisongstt would like to express our deepest condolences to the family, friends and fans of the Late Sohan Girdharrie who passed away at the age of 88 on Wednesday July 2, 2014. (Copyright Nisha Sharma 2023)


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