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Experiences of the Human Body

Added On : 2013-11-12

While awake man experiences a variety of experiences. He passes through joy and grief, praise and ridicule, insult and injury, honour and dishonour. But while asleep the entire tangle fades away. He withdraws from the outer world and is wholly his own designer. He plunges into fear and throws himself into despair. He creates both friends and foes and deals with them according to his fancy. While asleep he is no more alert and active. He is alone with Atma with his reality. The Atma, the self was his reality all through the three stages, even when he denied, ignored it, the Atma is the truth. That thou art (Tat Twam Asi). Persons who have dedicated their lives to spiritual search and success have to discover the Atma in themselves and others. They are monks in ashrams, the inspiration to share ananda with all.

SSS. Vol. X


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