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Lily Ramcharan - Tribute To My "late" Dad (Zoon)

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Album No: 01

Artiste Name : Lily Ramcharan

No of tracks : 10

Item : CD

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Lily Ramcharan - Tribute To My "late" Dad (Zoon)

$11.99 $13.99

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Product Information

Lily Ramcharan - Tribute To My "Late" Dad - is a mixture of Local Classical Songs (Trinidad Styling) dedicated to her "Late" father Zoon Ramcharan. Musical accompaniment by Zaid Hosein on the Harmonium, Jagdeo Debiram on the Dholak and Gyandeo Gopaul on the Dhantal.


Track Listing

1. Sumero Sri Ganesh - Drupad

2. Arg Sakhi Sri Nand - Teelana

3. Jadoo Bhari Ray - Thumri

4. Arshak Huwa Jo Man - Gazal

5. Jarr Jaayee Gioya - Hori

6. Hari Say Keeya Tak Toal - Bhajan

7. Marizo Kho Tasski - Kawali

8. Tayray Naina Julum - Khimta

9. Maza Laynaa - Gazal

10. Arkhay Bridge May - Bhajan


This Cd done by Lily Ramcharan is her original work, the Cd is an original, however it is not a factory made Cd. This Cd comes in a Slim Line Plastic Case. This Cd has been made available to Hindisongstt by Lily Ramcharan.

You can also visit this link http://www.hindisongstt.com/artist_detail.php?id=90  to read more about this great artiste Lily Ramcharan and hear snippets of her voice.