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Budram Holass Surili Geet - Melodious Songs Vol. 2

Code : BHSGMS2

Year Of Release : Unknown

Artiste Name : Budram Holass

No of tracks : 17

Item : CD

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Budram Holass Surili Geet - Melodious Songs Vol. 2

$15.99 $17.99

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Product Information


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Track Listing


1) Thaar Gorie

2) Anganaiya Se

3) Nadiya Kinaare

4) Khoob Bani Re

5) Nahai Laawo

6) Haar Gayo Re

7) Balama Dheeray

8) Janak Ji

9) Dwaare Khabari

10) Are Sawaliya

11) Kahanawa Re

12) Bataaiye Jaiho

13) Gokula Me

14) Rajadhani Rawan

15) Radhika Raani

16) Bani Hai Pyaari

17) Dulaha Aaye


This Cd done by Budram Holass is his original work, the Cd is an original, however it is not a factory made Cd. Cd comes in a Slim Line Hard Case. This Cd has been made available to Hindisongstt by Rukminee Holass Beepath.

You can also visit this link https://hindisongstt.com/artist_detail.php?id=82  to read more about this great talented artiste Budram Holass and hear snippets of his voice.