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Rukminee Holass Beepath - Janma Geet


Year Of Release : Unknown

Artiste Name : Rukminee Holass Beepath - Budram Holass & Others

No of tracks : 20

Item : CD

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Rukminee Holass Beepath - Janma Geet

$15.99 $17.99

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Janma Geet - Songs for Birth of a child - by Rukminee Holass Beepath is beautifully done with Musical accompaniment by Shri Adhar Beepath on the Harmonium, Shri Narine Katwaroo on the Dholak (Drum) and Chorus By: Shrimati Romati Singh, Shrimati Mona Madan, and Shrimati Daykaliya Ramnanan. Musical Arrangement by Shri Rana Mohip. Singers included in this Cd are Budram Holass and Shrimati Daykaliya Ramnanan.


Track Listing

1) Jayaho gana raajaa Pg. 77

2) Satyug ki ek baat bataaye Pg. 72  -  Daykaliya

3) Soja re soja mere Pg. 81  -  Budram

4) Bhaye pragata kripaala Pg. 37 

5) Tohar laal janmali Pg. 35

6) Rama ke Mathawa (sohar) Pg. 34

7) Ayodhya aaj aananda bhaye Pg. 38 -  Budram

8) Sakhi dheeray dheeray jhula Pg. 18

9) Maai mohe laage Vrindaban Pg. 18

10) Aawo Kanhaiya, mere paas aawo Pg. 14

11) He re Kanhaiya Pg. 17  -  Budram

12) Jhuley jhuley palana Pg. 15

13) Krishna ke palana Pg. 20

14) Aawahoo pandita (sohar) Pg. 16

15) Maine leeno Govinda mol Pg. 32

16) Gokula me Bajela badhaiya Pg. 22

17) Shravan bhakta ki gaata Pg. 39  -  Budram

18) Bharatji kapi se urena Pg. 63

19) Baar baar din ye aaye Pg. 82

20) Kaandhe pe kaawar Pg. 53  -  Budram


This Cd done by Rukminee is her original work, the Cd is an original, however it is not a factory made Cd. Each Cd comes sealed in a clear plastic. Cd comes in a Slim Line Hard Case. This Cd has some songs for the birth of a baby from the book Janma Geet by Rukminee Holass Beepath. This Cd has been made available to Hindisongstt by Rukminee Holass Beepath.

To obtain your copy of the book Janma Geet visit this link http://www.hindisongstt.com/book_detail.php?id=10

You can also visit this link http://www.hindisongstt.com/artist_detail.php?id=198   to read more about this great artiste Rukminee Holass Beepath and hear snippets of her voice.