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Ganga Darshanam

(Paper Back)

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Compiler : Rukminee Holass Beepath

Publisher : Rukminee Beepath

Subject : Hindu Religious Songs

Language : English Phonetics

Pages : 113

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Ganga Darshanam

$20.99 $23.99

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Ganga Darshanam is a compilation of Songs for Kartik Snaan and Ganga Dashahara Festival. Rukminee has also accompanied Ganga Darshanam with a CD which makes it very easy for persons to learn the songs from the text. These CD's are sold separately from the book in the Music Section of the Store.
To obtain copies of CD's by Rukminee Holass Beepath please click on link http://www.hindisongstt.com/song_listing.php?catId=88

You can also visit this link http://www.hindisongstt.com/artist_detail.php?id=198   to read more about Rukminee Holass Beepath and hear snippets of her voice.

Kartik Poornima, also referred to as Kartik Snaan or Kartik Nahaan is celebrated on the full moon of the Hindu month of Kartik as the period dedicated to the worship of Ganga Maa. It is believed to hold the ability to remove sins and cleanse the body and soul.

During this auspicious time, the seas and rivers are flocked by thousands of Hindus as they perform this sacred bath and pooja to Mother Ganga. This tradition was brought here by our ancestors many years ago, just like the other festivals and observances that have been handed down to us.

Kartik Nahaan is celebrated in accordance with the Hindi calendar during the months of November and December. The water element is known to Hindus as the sacred representation of our Ganga Maa who is held high in worship. Thousands of Hindus gather on river banks, near streams and beaches in celebration, as they take part in puja.

This book is specially designed to assist the devotees in singing and chanting the glories of Ganga Maiya as they seek her blessings during puja. It is believed that the Lord is always present where his name is sung, so that chanting also brings fulfilment of desires and spiritual enlightenment. For those who have not had the opportunity of visiting the beaches or rivers for Kartik Snaan or Ganga Dashahara Festival, I have tried desperately to provide snapshots or a bird's eye view, to inform you about the celebrations.


Shrimati Rukminee Beepath