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Hindu Names & Their Meanings

(Hard Cover)

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Compiler : R. Bob Gopee

Publisher : Star Publications Pvt. Ltd.

Subject : Hindu Names

Language : Hindi & English

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Hindu Names & Their Meanings

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Names fascinate me. Hindu names fascinate me even more. There is beauty in the sounds and the meanings inherent in a Hindu name. There is too, so much precision in traditional Hindu names. Traditionally, in some systems, Hindu names have had three parts: the first is connected to the name of a God or Goddess who, presumably would be the 'kul dev' (the chosen God / Goddess), the second, a popular ending related to the family tradition, like 'Lal' or 'Prasad' and the third, a statement of the caste to which the person belonged. Sometimes, the place in which the person was born would be part of the name, as well. Many Hindu names would use 'Ram' (God) in the first name as well as in the surname. The syllable 'Su' meaning 'prosperity' is also a very popular syllable in Hindu names.


Today however, Hindu families are going for much shorter names, sometimes even concentrating on abbreviated syllables without reference to particular meanings. This is an unfortunate departure to the point where the meaning of the name cannot be properly established. What has compounded this problem in Trinidad and Tobago is the challenge of many a Registerer of Births (who have not been of East Indian background). To spell Hindu names properly, and anglicizing the names as best as they could. Indeed in the past, some Hindus themselves sort to anglicize their names in an attempt to get greater "acceptability" in the wider soceity, sometimes with a view to securing employment more easily. For example, the name 'HARI' (Lord Vishnu) was changed to 'HARRY'.


There is the situation where the popular spelliing in English of a Hindu name, in Trinidad say varies with the popular spelling in English in another country, say, Guyana, and both of these vary with the popular spelling in India. The case can be cited where in Trinidad, the name PERSAD, is spelt as PERSAUD in Guyana, and as PRASAD in India. They all mean the same, but from the point of view of the Hindi language, the spelling PRASAD seems correct.


Some names are taken to be very sacred to a Hindu. Many Hindus have a middle name, given by a Pandit, which is synchronized to the exact time of the birth of the person. This is called a RAASHI name. The sacredness prompts families to only use this name as an initial or not put it on any document at all. Such RAASHI name is used in reading and understanding the 'patra' planning significant events in one's life, like determining one's marriage partner, time of death, etc. And entire section of this book is dedicated to RAASHI names.


HINDU NAMES & THEIR MEANINGS with over 2,000 names is an attempt to redress some of the above, to give an opportunity for persons with Hindu names to understand the meaning of their names and indeed the names of family members and friends, and to assist expectant parents to carefully and meaningfully select names for their children. It is my prayer that everyone with a Hindu name will cherish it, will learn its meaning and indeed would learn to write it in Hindi script - devnagri. I feel sure that readers of this book would discover a new pride in their names and indeed may even be persuaded to study and practise one of our most cherised heritages as a Hindu, the Hindi language.

Ramganie Bob Gopee



                                                                                                           HIGH COMMISSIONER OF INDIA

                                                                                                           P.O. NO 530,

                                                                                                           PORT OF SPAIN,

                                                                                                           TRINIDAD & TOBAGO




Indian names have a strong appeal. That is why 'Namkaran', naming the baby, is of seminal importance and is one of the important rituals in human life. Names in India range from the traditional, Hindu Gods and Goddesses and aspects of God-head, to historical, associated with Kings and Queens and eminent personalities of history, ancient and modern as well as contemporary, yet rooted in the Vedic Sanskrit and Dravidian traditions depending on the particular region of India. There are many parts of India where names follow a certain sequence of the village, father, community and likewise. This gives a certain recognition to the name and its identification with a specific region or lineage.


With a pronounced historical and cultural association with Indian civilisational attributes for a good part of the population of Trinidad & Tobago, it is only natural that names of people of Indian Origin in this country should bear definite meaning. Through historical migration, some names have sufffered loss or distortion during the process of transliteration or codification. Thus many names have assumed different forms, yet retained the basic meaning and have been contextualized in a certain environment, typical to Trinidad & Tobago as to the ethos of the Caibbean region, which has undergone a massive fusion of cultures and civilisations over time.


Mr. Ramganie Bob Gopee's efforts in creating a glossary of Hindu names and meanings is therefore a laudable venture and particularly useful for the population of Trinidad & Tobago to understand their roots, heritage and civilisational links with India. It is also timely as the Indian community of this country had found progressive empowerment, political, social and cultural, while occupying positions of eminence in economic and professional life. The book would also serve the purpose of bringing about awareness among the people as to who and what they stand for, and in that context  reinforced their individual identities conferring on them a tool to re-assess their roles within the socio-cultural context in which they are situated.


A businessman by profession Mr. Ramganie Bob Gopee's multiple talents have manifested in such creative pursuits as a book of Hindi songs meant for the promotion of conversational and usage Hindi in Trinidad & Tobago which he had brought out earlier. With this present edition, he is part of a niche among cultural personailities of this twin island republic who have been making great efforts to keep cultural links alive and vibrant with their ancestral land, and in the process has rendered a yeoman service to the community and to the country at large.


I felicitate Mr. Ramganee Bob Gopee on his enterprise and zeal with which he has dedicated his time and energy in the preparation of this useful work.  I hope this sees the light of the day soon and forms a part of the heritage collection in a good many homes in this beautiful pluri-cultural soceity.


Date: 22 September 2010                                                                                              

Place: Port of Spain                                                                         

(Malay Mishra)

High Commissioner of India

This book is dedicated to my children, Rendra,

Nalini and Shivantee and grandchildren,

Virendra, Simran, Maya and Samir.


Ramganie Bob Gopee


Ramganie Bob Gopee


Malay Mishra,

High Commissioner Of India to Trinidad & Tobago


Ajit Praimsingh

Pandit Dave Rampersad

Pandit Shyam Gosine


Hindu Names & their Meanings   Girls

Hindu Names & their Meanings   Boys

Hindu Surnames & their Meanings Surnames


Foreword: Joseph Roodal Ragoonath

Chart showing Zodiac Signs

Table of Nakshatras and Charans

Raashi or Zodical Signs

Mesh (Aries)

Vrishabh (Tarus)

Mithun (Gemini)

Karka (Cancer)

Simha (Leo)

Kanya (Virgo)

Tula (Libra)

Vrishchik (Scorpio)

Dhanu (Sagittarius)

Makar (Capricon)

Kumbha (Aquarius)

Meen (Pisces)

Ramganie Bob Gopee,Vice President of the Hindi Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago. Professionally, he is a Chartered Accountant. He has had a background of teaching, management consultancy and public accounting. He has served on several Boards of Directors, particularly in the fields of hotel, finance, hardware and furniture and appliances. He has been a member of the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Trinidad and Tobago, as well as a trustee of a micro lending agency.

Mr. Gopee is very active in charitable and religious work. He is a Past President of the Rotary Club of Central Port of Spain and a member of that club for over 25 years and has served in all avenues of service at the level of the club as well as several positions at District level of Rotary District 7030 (St. Kitts to French Guiana). A Sanatanist Hindu, Mr. Gopee has served as the Chairman of many temples.

In 2008, Mr. Gopee published GEET ARPANAM, a book of over 70 bhajans, film songs, kirtans and chants, set in Devnagri script, Roman transliteration, English meaning and words and meaning for every song. In 2009 Mr. Gopee published a booklet, AB HINDI BOLO, a booklet meant to entice one to speak Hindi very quickly. HINDU NAMES & THEIR MEANINGS is yet another publication attempting to spread the research that has been engaging his attention in the recent past.