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Poojaa Vandanam (A Book & CD Set)

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Compiler : Pundit Munelal Maharaj

Publisher : Aatmavaani Productions

Subject : Hinduism

Language : English

Pages : 27

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Poojaa Vandanam (A Book & CD Set)

$18.99 $20.99

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POOJA VANDANAM is A Book and CD set containing Basic Guidelines To performing Poojaa by Pundit Munelal Maharaj. The rituals and Mantras in this publication were extracted from the book "Jyotir Vigyaan".

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FOREWORD - by Pdt. Munelal Maharaj
POOJAA is an ancient expression of worship taken from the Vedas. The great masters of the past would spend their time performing worship of the Lord through rituals in order to appease Him. These acts of worship served to keep them on the path of Dharmic living, and helped train their minds to be pure and become in oneness with the Lord.
Poojaa is also a way to acknowledge the Divinity which is expressed through the five elements and the elements of Nature. The rituals are so designed as to engage the five senses simultaneously and keep them focused on the Divine Lord. We can also use the act of worship to express our love and gratitude to the Lord for giving us life and all our many blessings.
Poojaa consists of two letters – ‘Pa’ and ‘Ja’. ‘Pa’ means Paapanaashana which stands for the removal of impurities and ‘Jaa’ means Janmavicheda or the cessation of the cycle of birth and death.
At the mundane level, Poojaa is performed to appease the Devas
(or the rulers of the elements of nature) as well as the deities who rule the planets and other heavenly bodies. When we offer worship to these celestial beings, it serves to smoothen the pathway of our earthly existence, and remove negative forces and misfortunes from our lives.
Chanting the sacred Mantras while performing the rituals also serves to create a powerful vibration that permeates the atmosphere. These vibrations can help to neutralize the negativities of society and create peace and positivity in the world.
We must bear in mind that while it is necessary to perform these rituals to enhance our lives in the earthly plane, at the same time, they must always be performed with love and purity of mind. Poojaa must always be practiced with the ultimate goal of transforming our lives and becoming closer to God.
This CD can be used for your daily prayer as well as for religious festivals, such as
Divali, Navaratri, Krishna Janamashthami, etc. The Poojaa Mantras are recited in such a way as to be applicable to any deity, so you can use this CD to perform worship to any deity or deities as you wish. Additional Mantras can be found on the CD after the closing prayers in praise of the various deities for further meditation and adoration.
I personally hope that this book and CD set will serve as a helpful guide to your daily worship. As Hindus, this simple Poojaa should be performed at least once a week with all the family members gathered together, to foster spirituality, harmony and love in the home.
If it is not always possible to find the time or the opportunity to sit and perform Poojaa
on a regular basis, you can still enjoy the CD while performing Maanasa Poojaa or mental worship. You can visualize the Lord in your mind, and make all your offerings to Him at the mental level. The Mantras on the CD can always be played to sanctify the home and create a sacred and positive environment wherever you are.
The rituals and Mantras in this publication were extracted from the book, “Jyotir  Vigyaan”. For more information regarding Poojaa or any other aspects of Hinduism, you can refer to this text.

                                    Table of Contents

Track on                                                                                            Page

CD                                                                                                          No.

                                     Poojaa preparation                                         1

Track 1            Introduction to Poojaa                                                2

Track 2            Ganesh Prayer                                                             2

Track 3            Guru Prayer                                                                   3

Track 4            Devi Prayer                                                                    3

Track 5            Invocation Prayers                                                       4

Track 6            Purification Mantras                                                    5

Track 7            Avaahanam – invitation                                              5

Track 8            Aasanam – offering seat                                           6

Track 9            Paadyam – washing feet                                           6

          Snaanam – giving bath                                             6

Track 10         Vastram – clothing                                                       7

                        Janeo – yellow thread                                                 7

Track 11         Chandan – sandal – paste                                        7

         Hardi – yellow powder                                                7

        Sindoor – red powder                                                  8

Track 12         Pushpam – offer Maalaa or flowers                         8

Track 13         Dhoopam – offer incense                                          8

Track 14         Deepam – offer aartee                                                8

Track 15         Naivedyam – offer sugar and ghee                          9

Track 16         Prasaadam – offer prasaad or fruits                        9

Track 17         Taamboolam – offer supaaree                                10

Track 18         Aachmanam – water offering                                   10

Track 19         Dakshinam – offer coin                                             10

Track 20         Havan                                                                           11

Track 21         Aachmanam – offer water & fan fire                       14

Track 22         Aartee                                                                           14

Track 23         Om Jai Jagadeesha Hare                                        15

Track 24         Closing Mantras                                                          16

Track 25         Prayer to Lord Vishnu                                                 18

Track 26         Prayer to Lord Shiva                                                    18

Track 27         Prayer to Lord Hanumaan                                         19

Track 28         Prayer to Lord Raama                                                19

Track 29         Prayer to Lord Krishna                                                20

Track 30         Prayer to Mother Durgaa                                             20

Track 31         Prayer to Mother Lakshmee                                      21

Track 32         Prayer to Mother Saraswatee                                    21

Track 33         Bhajan – Lakshmee Maiyaa                                     22

Track 34         Mahaa Lakshmee Ashtakam                                   23

Track 35         Rudraashtakam (Lord Shiva)                                   25