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Prophet Of A New Hindu Age (1985)

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Compiler : Nininan Smart

Publisher : George Allen & Uwin (Publishers)

Subject : The Life and Times of Acharya Pranavananda

Language : English

Pages : 171

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Size : 4.5 x 8.5 ins.

Prophet Of A New Hindu Age (1985)

$21.99 $24.99

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Product Information

This is a fascinating biography of the remarkable Bengali religious leader, Swami Pranavananda who lived in the turbulent years of the early twentieth century. The story of his life has to some extent been eclipsed by the better known personalities of the Hindu Renaissance and the struggle for Indian independence, but his extraordinary personal qualities, his determined asceticism, his high ideals of social service and commitment to Hindu solidarity - all serve to set him apart from his contemporaries and entitle him to be better known by political and religious historians of the period.

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ISBN: 0-04-922033-0

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1.   The Childhood of a Yogi

2.    Early Struggles and Schooldays

3.    Spiritual Emancipation

4.    Early Life at the Ashram

5.    The Creation of the Sangha

6.    The Holy Places

7.    Hindu Unity and the Dharma State

8.   The Dimensions of the Acharya's Faith

9.   Last Days and Retrospect