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Janma Geet

(Paper Back)

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Compiler : Rukminee Holass Beepath

Publisher : Rukminee Beepath

Subject : Hindu Religious Songs

Language : English Phonetics

Pages : 97

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Janma Geet

$20.99 $23.99

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108 Songs Lovingly Compiled by Rukminee Holass Beepath, For Raam Naumi, Hanuman Jayanti, Krishna Janam, Ganesh Jayanti, Lories and Birthdays. Rukminee has also accompanied  Janma Geet with a CD which makes it very easy for persons to learn the songs from the text. These CD's are sold separately from the book in the Music Section of the Store.
To obtain copies of CD's by Rukminee Holass Beepath please click on link http://www.hindisongstt.com/song_listing.php?catId=88

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It is my fervent desire to publish this book as a gift to all Hindus to remind them of the importance of the human birth. As Shri Ramchandra said in Ramayan, we must use this form or body to allow ourselves to become better individuals, follow and uphold the principles of Dharma, so that we can be assured of salvation in the hereafter.

Padma Purana states that Dharma proceeds from continence, truthfulness, austerity, charity, self-control, forbearance, purity, non-violence, serenity and non stealing. These are the ten factors of Dharma. According to this Purana, bestowing gifts on deserving persons, fixing one's thoughts on God, adoration of one's parents, offering a portion of one's daily meal to all creatures and giving a morsel of food to a cow, are some characteristics of Dharma.

Respect to the parents and service to the parents are essential parts of the Hindu religion. If you do not take care of your parents and proceed to take care of the whole village, no virtue accrues to you.

Matri Devo Bhava - Mother is God

Pitri Devo Bhava - Father is God

Acharya Devo Bhava - Teacher is God

So say the scriptures.

God is all pervading and omnipresent. There is no place without the presence of God. But there are some special places, which have His special presence. This can be relative to the place, time or person. That is why a place of pilgrimage, a river, a temple, an auspicious day are very sacred and important for the spiritual upliftment of a soul. So is the presence of God - that special presence which is in your parents, which has been the karmic cause of your birth in the world and in that family. Hence, it is sacred for you. It is special for you.

It is immaterial whether your father has human weakness or mother has limitations or failings. The luminous presence of God in them will be pleased if you do your duty and serve them with unflinching devotion. Many a father, who has been a drunkard or a gambler, has changed his entire lifestyle, because of the loving adoration of his child. God blesses that family and brings peace and happiness to them.

Hindu scriptures give abundant examples of such loving and devoted children, as Sri Ram, Sri Bharath, Sri Lakshman, Arjun, Bhimsen, Bhishma, Nachiketa and others.

These are some of the songs appearing in Janma Geet

He Prabhu Ananda Daata

Aarti to Lord Krishna

Krishna Janam Ashthmi

Jhule Jhule Palana

Tere Baiyan Pare Tere Maiya

Kaahe Na Mangal Gaawo

Maine Leeno Govinda Mol

Krishna Sohar

Mere Shyaam Mere Nandalala

Raam Naumi Or Raam Janma (Birth of Shri Raam)

Raama Sohar

Main Ek Nanhaa - Saa

Hari He Raam Milan Kab Hoy

Akele Hum Akele Tum

Lelo Lelo Duwaaye Maa Baap Kee

Maa Sunaawo

Mere Duniya Hai Maa

Tumhi Ho Maataa Pitaa Tumhi Ho

Hanumaan Jayanti

Hanuman Chaaleesaa

Anjani Ke Laal

Rakh Laaj Meri Ganapati

Jai Ganesh Pyaare

Deva O Deva Ganapati Deva

Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh

Lori and Birthday Songs

Chanda Mama

Soja Mere Laal

Dheere Se Aaja

Raam Kare Aisa Ho Jaaye

Janam Janam Ka Saath

Tujhe Sooraj Kaho Ya Chandaa

Ajaa Ajaa Re Nindiya

Sabse Oonchi Prema Sagaayi