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Sharm Yankarran

Born on the 4th of March 1951 at Brickfield Road, Carapichaima, Trinidad West Indies, Sharm Yankarran was the eldest son of the late Isaac Yankarran. He began his Classical singing career at a very young age, with a voice and styling very similar to that of his father. In 1974 Sharm won Ist place in the ever popular Mastana Bahar in Trinidad and Tobago. He performed in scores of classical singing competition across Trinidad & Tobago and abroad. He was the elder brother of singing stars Ashook Yankarran, Rakesh Yankarran and Anand Yankarran. In his later years he migrated to the United States Of America.

We at Hindisongstt would like to pay tribute to this great singing icon of Trinidad & Tobago and express our deepest sympathy to the family, friends and the many fans of the Late Sharm Yankarran who passed away on Mon. Mar. 28, 2011.

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Sharm Yankarran - Gems Of Yankarran - A Tribute To The Late Isaac Yankarran

Sharm Yankarran - Photo 1

Favourite Hits By Sharm Yankarran

Bachannal With Sharm In Suriname

Sharm Yankarran - Photo 2

Devotional Songs By Sharm Yankarran

Sharm Yankarran - Photo 3

Sharm Yankarran, K.B. Singh & Moean Mohammed

Sharm Yankarran - Photo 4

Sharm Yankarran - Photo 5

Sharm Yankarran - Photo 6

Sharm Yankarran - Photo 7

Sharm Yankarran - Photo 8

Sharm Yankarran - Photo 9

Sharm Yankarran - Photo 10


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