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Rajdai Sookraj

Rajdai Sookraj was born July 4th 1947 to Sookraj and Patiya at Cunupia. Her parents were very influential in her becoming a singer and a drummer. Rajdai is the sister of the ever popular Bissoon Sookraj, Sagar Sookraj and Polly Sookraj. At the age of 15 she started performing with her brothers Sagar and Bissoon Sookraj. Rajdai is well known for her Classical renditions, traditional folk songs and her Bhojpuri selections. She rendered many beautiful selections in the Island Wide National Ladies Singing Competition. Rajdai also entered the Independence Day Competition. She is the first female Classical Drummer to gain popularity in Trinidad and Tobago accompanying Sagar on the dholak on many stages. Rajdai was the leader of the Bharat Sangeet Orchestra for many years. She has had successful tours to Jamaica and Suriname captivating her audiences with her soulful numbers. Then there was the friendly clash of the "Titans" between Rajdai and Surinamese idol Dropati which linger in our minds to this day. Rajdai has partnered with Lily Ramcharan to produce a very entertaining L.P. Recording entitled "Songbirds of Trinidad & Tobago." Rajdai continues to entertain her audiences wherever she performs. (Copyright Nisha Sharma 2023)


Dropati & Rajdai Sookraj

Lily Ramcharan & Rajdai Sookraj-Song Birds Of Trinidad & Tobago

Rajdai Sookraj - Photo 1

Rajdai Sookraj & Sagar Sookraj

Rajdai Sookraj - Photo 2

Rajdai Sookraj & Sagar Sookraj

Rajdai Sookraj, Kumar Sanu & Sagar Sookraj

Pandit Ashram Sharma & Rajdai Sookraj

Sagar Sookraj, Sudarshan Dukhan (L to R) Rani - Rajdai Sookraj & Rakhi


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