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Pandit Siewdath Maharaj

Pt. Siewdath Maharaj was born on October 7th, 1938, at Penal Rock Road, Trinidad, to very humble parents, Ramoutar and Poochan Maharaj. He is the youngest of three brothers. He always had a special love for Indian Classical Singing (Trinidad style) and so it came very naturally to him, he started singing as a young teenager whilst attending Ramayan Satsangs with various Pandits and also with the late Haniff Mohammed. He had a deep yearning to learn all he can about this very popular type of singing, this lead him to doing his own research and learning the various styling of Classical Singing, such as ghazals, thumri, tilana, hori and dhrupad etc. He sang with many of the great and legendary Classical Singers, Bholan Gangadeen, Seebalack, Ramdhanie Shama, James Ramsawak, K.B. Sing and Yusuff Khan to name a few.

He is married to the lovely Jassodra Maharaj, daughter of the late Pandit Radhay Kishore Chowbay and Batchya Kishore Chowbay of Laltoo Trace, Penal. Together they were blessed with eight children. All of his eight children are somehow involved in the art form, be it singing or playing an instrument. They have their own family group singing chowtal, traditional wedding songs and conducting satsangs throughout Trinidad. Pt. Siewdath has worked for most of his life with the PTSC (Bus Co. Of Trinidad and Tobago), from where he retired. He is also a very dedicated Pandit, to his many chelas across T & T and the wider region. (Copyright Nisha Sharma 2023).


Pandit Siewdath Maharaj - Photo 1

Fr(R to L)-Pt, Siewdath Maharaj, Pt. Mahase, Pt. Denesh & Pt. Sharma Basdeo

Pandit Siewdath Maharaj - Photo 2

Pt. Siewdath Maharaj & Pt. Jadoonanan Misra

Pandit Siewdath Maharaj - Photo 3

Pt. Siewdath Maharaj & Pt. Capildeo Maharaj

Pandit Siewdath Maharaj - Photo 4

Pandit Siewdath Maharaj - Photo 5

Pandit Siewdath Maharaj - Photo 6

Pandit Siewdath Maharaj - Photo 7

Pandit Mahase Maharaj (Glasses) & Pandit Siewdath Maharaj (Harmonium)

Pandit Siewdath Maharaj - Photo 8

Pandit Siewdath Maharaj - Photo 9

Pt. Siewdath Maharaj-On Harmonium-Photo 10

Pt. Siewdath Maharaj-On Harmonium (Brampton, Ontario)

Pandit Siewdath Maharaj - Photo 11

Pandit Siewdath Maharaj - Photo 12

Pandit Siewdath Maharaj & Bhunesh Maharaj


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