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Pandit Mars Maharaj

Pandit Mars Maharaj also known as Pandit Krishendath Maharaj was the grandson of the late Pandit Ramnath Shukla of Princess Town, Trinidad West Indies and son of the late Pandit Dipnarine Maharaj of South Oropouche, Trinidad. From a very early age he took a keen interest in singing devotional Bhajans and Indian classical renditions. He was a prominent musician who obtained tuition from his uncle the late Pandit Seunarine Maharaj from Debe, Trinidad West Indies the most accomplished Drummer and Sarangi Player current at the time. The late Pandit Krishendath Maharaj excelled and was renowned for his contributions to Sanathan Dharma. He accompanied great artistes as the late Vidoor, Pandit Mahase Maharaj, Bolan Gangadeen and others. He was a highly respected, honoured and celebrated artiste. We have added an Audio Sample of the voice of this Great Artiste for the listening pleasure of his many fans across the globe, taken from our library.

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Pandit Mars - Photo 1

Pandit Mars - Photo 2

Front Row (L to R) Pandit Mars, Vidoor & Indar


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Sri Ram Rameti (Sample)