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Sagar Sookraj

Sagar Sookraj one of the most versatile all-rounder, a singer and a musician was born on June 20, 1945, to Patiya and Sookraj. He grew up in the village of Campo, Cunupia, Central Trinidad. He was the brother of Bissoon Sookraj, Polly Sookraj and Rajdaye Sookraj, who are all very well known in the Entertainment Industry. From as early as six his father was teaching him to play the harmonium, dholak and tabla. Sagar has been doing solo performances and performances with the Sookraj family since he was a child. He has performed throughout the Caribbean, Europe, South America and North America. He had mastered the techniques of playing the dholak for classical singing, chautaal, jhoomar, ulara and even bhajans and qawalis. He accompanied the great classical singer, Jhagroo Kawal in 1962, at the Port-of-Spain Town Hall for the Trinidad and Tobago Independence Day Celebration. He would regularly perform at weddings and other functions within the Indian Community. He competed in most of the Classical singing competitions. He taught music and singing at a number of Primary Schools Aranguez, Tunapuna, St, Helena and also some of the Maha Sabha schools. He accompanied quite a few artistes out of India including Hari Om Sharan, C.H. Atma, Manna Dey and the late great Mukesh. Sadly, the late Munilal Sagar Sookraj was taken from us on May 6, 2011, leaving behind his lovely wife Fareeda, his loving family members and the public at large to mourn the passing of this icon. He has left a void that may never be filled.  (Copyright Nisha Sharma 2023).


Rajdai Sookraj & Sagar Sookraj

Sagar Sookraj - Photo 1

Rajdai Sookraj & Sagar Sookraj

Rajdai Sookraj, Kumar Sanu & Sagar Sookraj

Sagar Sookraj - Photo 2

Sagar Sookraj & Polly Sookraj

Sagar Sookraj (Drum), Sudarshan Dukhan (Keyboard) (R to L) Rani, Rajdai Sookraj & Rakhi

Sagar Sookraj, Pandit Vishwanath Mishra, Polly Sookraj & Rajdai Sookraj

Sagar Sookraj On Dholak & Drums


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