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Rajmanee Maharaj

Rajmanee Maharaj is one of the foremost and most popular vocalists born in Trinidad, to parents Ram and Phulo Singh. At the very tender age of ten she started singing bhajans and reading Ramayan with her grandfather and uncle until she turned 20. She got married to Ramesh who recognised her gifted voice encouraged her to take the next step, which was the stepping stone in a glorious singing career. She made her mark with the Triveni Orchestra impressing audiences everywhere she performed with her beautifully gifted voice. Rajmanee sings with an easy effortless grace, she is in a class of her own. In 1983, she entered the popular Mastana Bahar Competition, with her mesmerizing rendition she blew away her competitors running away with the 1st prize. In 1985, she entered the National Ladies Singing Competition; with the magic of her rich, melodious voice she was yet again victorious, winning the 1st prize. Her greatest achievement is being the mother of 3 lovely children, Sita, Sunita and Sunil. Rajmanee's idol and mentor is the great Lata Mangeshkar. She has performed with Udit Narayan, Hari Om Sharan, Anup Jalota, Devindra Pooran and Shiraz Walli along with many other popular artistes. Rajmanee presently resides in Canada and continues to sing in Ramayan Groups, Cultural shows, Charity shows and other occasions, leaving her audiences spellbound wherever she performs. (Copyright Nisha Sharma 2023).


Rajmanee Maharaj & Devindra Pooran

Hridayanjali Tribute From The Heart - Rajmanee Maharaj

Rajmanee Maharaj & Shiraz Walli

Bobby Armoogam, Devindra Pooran, Shiraz Walli, Rajmanee Maharaj, Janet Naipaul & Pt. Ashram Sharma

Rajmanee Maharaj & Devindra Pooran - In Concert

Rajmanee Maharaj (Vocal) & Shiraz Walli (Vocal)

Rajmanee Maharaj - Photo 1

Rajmanee Maharaj - Photo 2

Sunil Maharaj & Rajmanee Maharaj

Devindra Pooran, Shiraz Wali & Rajmanee Maharaj

Rajmanee Maharaj - Photo 3

Rajmanee Maharaj - Photo 4

Rajmanee Maharaj - On Stage

Rajmanee Maharaj - Photo 5

Rajmanee Maharaj - Photo 6


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