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Narsaloo Ramaya

Narsaloo Ramaya the great violinist of Trinidad and Tobago was born in the year 1919 in the Forres Park Sugar Estate of Claxton Bay. He was the son of Indian Indentured labourers. At the tender age of 10 Narsaloo's Family moved to Port Of Spain where he grew up and attended Primary school. From a very young age he enjoyed listening to Indian 78 Rpm on the Family Gramophone. Narsaloo had a moving experience after viewing the first ever Indian Movie to show in Trinidad Bala Joban in the year 1935 at the Globe Cinema in Port Of Spain. This is where his interest towards Indian music began, thereby inspiring him to purchase his first violin. Despite not having any formal training, he blossomed into one of the top violinist in the land. He later became a key member of the Naya Zamana Orchestra, fellow members included in this band were a very talented group of performers Taran Persad, Jhagroo Kawal, Nazeer Mohammed and Jang Bahadoor. In 1965 Narsaloo Ramaya became the leader of the Naya Zamana during which time they performed in England at the Commonwealth Arts Festival and later at the Expo in Montreal, Canada. In 1970 Narsaloo Ramaya was honoured with the Hummingbird Bronze Medal for his invaluable contribution to Indian Classical music in Trinidad and Tobago. In the late 1970's he gave up his responsibilities with this band and he later formed the Triveni Orchestra. He has served as a main judge on the Television programme Mastana Bahar since 1978 for a great number of years. This gifted artiste has received many awards from a number of local organizations for his exceptional contribution to the arts and entertainment. The National Council of Indian Culture named a street, the "Narsaloo Ramaya Marg,"which is a fitting tribute to this remarkable icon who has selflessly given of himself to the development of Indian music and culture in Trinidad and Tobago. We at Hindisongstt would like to express our deepest condolences to the family, friends and fans of The Late Narsaloo Ramaya who passed away at the age of 94 on Friday June 21st, 2013. He will be sadly missed by his family, fans and loved ones everywhere.  (Copyright Nisha Sharma 2021)


Narsaloo Ramaya - On The Violin

Cherished Melodies - Narsaloo Ramaya

Naya Zamana Orchestra (1947) (Photo Courtesy Naya Zamana Orchestra)

Narsaloo Ramaya - Photo 1

Narsaloo Ramaya - Photo 2

Narsaloo Ramaya & Taran Persad

Narsaloo Ramaya - Photo 3

Narsaloo Ramaya & Taran Persad

Narsaloo Ramaya - Photo 4

Narsaloo Ramaya - Photo 5

Moean Mohammed & Narsaloo Ramaya

Narsaloo Ramaya - Photo 6


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