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Narindra Ramdular

Narindra Ramdular developed a love for Indian music from childhood. His father Michael Ramdular (popularly known as Postman) was a renowned Trinidad classical singer and harmonium player. From the very tender age of five, Narindra would observe his father playing and then when the opportunity presented itself, he would try to emulate what he saw. He also started singing at that time; he performed as a child prodigy at many weddings and yagnas in his village. His father sang many of the songs of India's famous blind singer K.C. Dey, and by some strange coincidence, Narindra fell in love with the singing of KC's nephew the legendary Manna Dey. He later became widely known in Trinidad for his renditions of Manna Dey's songs. It is singing these songs that got him into the finals of Mastana Bahar on two separate occasions. Towards the end of his teenage years, Narindra started performing with some of the top bands in Trinidad and became recognized as one of Trinidad's top accordion players. He performed with BWIA National Indian Orchestra, Naya Zamana and was one of the founders of Triveni in 1978. He later became the leader and held this position from 1980 to 1987 when he decided to migrate. With Triveni, he became widely respected and admired for his music direction, and professionalism in leading the band. Now, in North America, Narindra performs constantly with his friend Roopchan Rambharat, for whom he holds a great deal of admiration. He has also performed with some of the top stars of India and Pakistan including Anup Jalota, Anuradha Paudwal, Kumar Sanu, Kamran, Imran and Asif Hassan (sons of Mehdi Hassan). On Anup Jalota /Anuradha Paudwal tour of Trinidad, USA and Canada, he took a prominent role in playing accordion. Narindra concentrates on performing at Mehfils, and Bollywood type concerts with an array of singers from India and Pakistan. (Copyright Hindisongstt 2021).


Narindra Ramdular - On The Accordion (With Triveni Eros Cinema 1985)

Sharma Ramdular, Ruby Khan Guptar, Rakesh Yankaran, Nazimool Khan & Narindra Ramdular

Narindra Ramdular - On The Accordion

Suresh & Narindra Ramdular

Narindra Ramdular, Ricky & Varindra Persad

Narindra Ramdular - On The Accordion

Narindra Ramdular - On The Harmonium

Sharma Ramdular, Rakesh Yankaran & Narindra Ramdular

Narindra Ramdular - On The Harmonium

Narindra Ramdular - On The Accordion (In Canada)

Narindra Ramdular & Manna Dey


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