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Narad Maharaj

Popular Bhajan Singer Narad Maharaj was born in San Fernando, Trinidad to Brahma Deva and Mohanie Maharaj. He was interested in music and singing from a very young age. His family members formed a bhajan group, he started playing the harmonium and other instruments and as time went by he improved considerably. He started singing as well and he eventually developed a love for Classical Singing and in particular songs by Yusuff Khan, Haniff Mohammed and Jameer Hosein. Narad learnt about Hari Om Sharan through his father. By listening to these songs repeatedly he learnt many of his songs and started singing Hari Om Sharan songs and he was so deeply engrossed with Hari Om Sharan that he wanted to sing nothing else. In addition he went on to sing Anup Jalota songs as well. He was even very fortunate to render one of Anup Jalota's selections for Anup Jalota himself, live and in person. This was definitely a crowning moment in his musical career. Narad has performed throughout Trinidad and Tobago, the United States and Canada. Presently, having an exceptional love for songs of Hari Om Sharan and Anup Jalota, he sings mainly these songs at places of worship and religious functions. He always manages to leave his audiences captivated and in awe at his very moving and passionate performances. (Copyright Nisha Sharma 2021).


Anil Maharaj (Keyboard) & Narad Maharaj (Harmonium)

Narad Maharaj & Prakash Gossai

Anil Maharaj (Keyboard) & Narad Maharaj (Harmonium)

Narad Maharaj - Photo 1

Sandra Maharaj, Shivaani Rambharack & Narad Maharaj

Narad Maharaj - Photo 2

Narad Maharaj & Kelvin Nagessar

Narad Maharaj - Photo 3

Sandra Maharaj, Kelvin Nagessar & Narad Maharaj

Narad Maharaj & Jaidev Ramdass

Narad Maharaj - Photo 4

Sandra Maharaj & Narad Maharaj


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