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Nancoo Singh (Ras)

Nancoo Singh famously known as 'Ras' Nancoo Singh was born in 1948 in the village of Rambert, South Trinidad to Chan & Samdaye Singh. With no formal training whatsoever, his singing career started in 1962. He began singing film songs with the Sawan Bahar Orchestra of Hermitage Village, San Fernando. After which he sang with many well-known Orchestras across Trinidad and Tobago, Dil-E-Nadan, Mello Bugs, D. Rampersad and Zeetaz to name a few. His three sons are all well-known singers, Andy Singh, Ryan Singh and Ian Singh (who reside in Canada). At present he is a member of the accompanying group of Pt. Abhedanand Sharma. Initially 'Ras' Nancoo started singing Mohd. Rafi songs, only after joining the Gayatones Orchestra in 1975, Capil Gayadeen the leader of the Orchestra suggested that he sing Kishore Kumar songs instead, given that he already had 2 Mohd. Rafi singers in the band. Thereafter, he became very popular for his Kishore Kumar renditions. 'Ras' Nancoo continues to mesmerize his audiences, wherever he performs. (Copyright Nisha Sharma 2021).


Nancoo Singh (Ras) Vocal 1

Nancoo Singh (Ras) - Photo 1

Nancoo Singh (Ras) (3rd From Left)

Nancoo Singh (Ras) & Pandit Ashram Sharma

Nancoo Singh (Ras), Premchand Jagdeo & Pandit Narindra Maharaj

Pandit Ashram Sharma & Nancoo Singh (Ras)

(Ras) Nancoo Singh - Chingarie


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